Reasons To Look Forward To Yoo In Na And Lee Dong Wook’s Upcoming Romantic Comedy “Touch Your Heart”

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Touch Your Heart” has given three reasons as to why viewers should tune in to the upcoming romantic comedy drama!

“Touch Your Heart” is a romance story about a perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (played by Lee Dong Wook) and Korea’s top actress Oh Yoon Seo (played by Yoo In Na) who fakes her position to work at a law firm. Below are three reasons as to why “Touch Your Heart” is expected to impress viewers!

1. Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na’s lovely chemistry

The first reason to watch the drama is Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s lovely chemistry and acting skills that will undeniably make viewers’ hearts flutter. Lee Dong Wook is expected to charm the audience by transforming into a flawless lawyer. Kwon Jung Rok’s unexpected charm is that as a man who’s dedicated his life to his career, he knows nothing about dating. Viewers are curious to find out how Lee Dong Wook will take on his role to portray the various sides of the lawyer who’s clueless about love. Furthermore, Yoo In Na will be taking on the role of Oh Yoon Seo (real name Oh Jin Shim), a top star who is faking her employment at the law firm to overcome her bad acting. The actress is expected to charm the audience with her trademark loveliness.

In particular, viewers are excited to see Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s explosive chemistry as they carry out the unexpected romance story between the lawyer who seems perfect on the outside but is actually clueless about love and the actress who’s loved by the public but has been single her entire life.

2. Diverse characters with relatable love stories

Secondly, “Touch Your Heart” features diverse characters that will deliver laughter and thrill to the audience. “Handsome prosecutor who makes hearts flutter” Lee Sang Woo, “Girl crush prosecutor” Son Sung Yoon, “Ambitious law firm CEO” Oh Jung Se, “Narcissistic mama’s boy lawyer” Shim Hyung Tak, and “Fainthearted lawyer who easily falls in love” Park Kyung Hye will complete the lineup with their unique characters. The drama’s charm is having relatable characters, such as a person who falls in love easily, a successful fan, a single mom, a girl crush character, and a person who gives their all for one person.

In addition to the interesting background of the law and entertainment industry, the various love stories are expected to catch the audiences’ eyes. Lee Sang Woo and Son Sung Yoon’s romance despite having broken up, and Jang So Yeon and Park Ji Hwan‘s realistic romance story of people in their late 30s are some of the diverse relationships expected to make viewers fall in love with the story even more.

3. Romantic comedy director Park Joon Hwa

The final reason to tune into “Touch Your Heart” is director Park Joon Hwa. Director Park Joon Hwa is known for producing popular romantic comedies including “Let’s Eat,” “Because This Is My First Life,” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” The director has highlighted the charms of the romantic comedy genre by using the right background music at the perfect time as well as by using special sound effects and computer graphics to double the viewers’ laughter. Furthermore, director Park Joon Hwa is expected to focus not only on just the main characters, but also the supporting characters by giving life to their realistic stories, charms, and reactions. The director has received a lot of love from audiences in the past by delivering laughter and accurately portraying the characters’ warm vibes.

“Touch Your Heart” is expected to capture hearts with its strong directing and relatable romance stories. The drama will premiere on February 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST, and it will also be available on Viki with English subtitles!

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