SF9’s Chani Talks About Leading Two Careers At Once, Members’ Reactions To “SKY Castle,” And More

iMBC met with SF9’s Chani at FNC Entertainment’s headquarters, where he shared several stories about his beginnings as a celebrity, simultaneously leading acting and idol careers, SF9’s new comeback, and more.

Before he became an idol, Chani was originally a child actor who was known for his appearance on SBS’s variety show “Star King” as a child version of Park Yoochun. He then built a strong acting career through dramas “Can You Hear My Heart?” and “Signal” among many more. In 2016, he made his idol debut as part of SF9.

He said, “Ever since I was little, I’ve been acting, dancing, and singing. I don’t want to let go of any of these. Acting is fun because I can experience the different lives of various characters. Sharing the role and emotions [with the character] makes me happy, and it’s interesting that I can relay those emotions to the viewers. As a singer, performing on stage is nervewracking, but it’s fun and rewarding too. I like meeting our fans and working together with the members. I also enjoy dancing.”

Asked how he began to appear on television, he shared that “Star King” had contacted his mother, and he continued to make television appearances ever since. His mother was supportive, while his father was against it in the beginning. He said, “I think he wasn’t sure if it would be good for a child to be exposed in the media. Now he’s a bigger fan [than my mom].”

Regarding his next acting project, he stated, “I actually haven’t thought about it yet, but I want to live up to the expectations of the masses. I would like to try out roles in various genres like sweet melodramas and such.”

He shared that the SF9 members watched his drama “SKY Castle” even though they don’t usually enjoy watching dramas. “They told me encouraging things like ‘You worked hard,’ and ‘I enjoyed watching it,’ and that gave me a lot of strength. They weren’t jealous of me at all, but they did jokingly mock me by saying ‘I can do better’ in my voice,” Chani explained.

Another member of SF9 who has an acting career is Rowoon. Chani said, “Rowoon and I share advice and concerns about acting with each other. We give each other feedback about the things we were worried about while acting.”

Lastly, Chani gave a small spoiler about SF9’s upcoming comeback in February. He said with confidence, “This title track also has a strong, addicting hook and choreography. My acquaintances could sing along to it after hearing it once, so you can look forward to it. Our members have several charms, just like the rainbow. Each person has their own unique qualities. I’m positive that you would fall for us if you saw us in real life.”

If you haven’t already, start watching Chani in “Signal” below!

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