Update: LOONA Reveals Stunning Video “For All LOONAs Around The World” Ahead Of “Butterfly” Comeback

Updated February 16 KST:

LOONA has surprised with a unique video ahead of their comeback!

The clip titled “For all LOONAs around the world” includes not only scenes from their upcoming MV for “Butterfly” but also a diverse cast of women and references to scenes from their overarching story.

Updated February 15 KST:

LOONA has shared a preview of the six new tracks that will be included on their repackaged album “X X”!

Updated February 14 KST:

LOONA shared a new group photo for their return!

Updated February 14 KST:

LOONA has unveiled a gorgeous new teaser video for “Butterfly”!

Check it out below:

Updated February 13 KST:

LOONA has revealed Chuu’s teaser photo for “X X”! The caption for the photo is “Dreams may come true.”

Updated February 12 KST:

LOONA is the next member to feature in a teaser photo for “X X”! Her caption reads, “You’re the dejavu that wakes me up.”

Updated February 11 KST:

LOONA has released a new teaser of ViVi ahead of their upcoming comeback!

The accompanying caption reads, “Gaze that fills me up.”

Updated February 10 KST:

LOONA has dropped YeoJin’s teaser for their upcoming comeback “X X!” Her caption reads, “Wings Wings.”

Updated February 9 KST:

LOONA has now revealed Choerry’s teaser photo for their return with “X X”! Her caption reads, “Inside my heart, a hurricane.”

Updated February 8 KST:

LOONA has shared Hyunjin’s teaser photo for “X X”! Her teaser was shared with the caption “Fly like a Butterfly.”

Updated February 7 KST:

LOONA has revealed some new details about their comeback!

A track list was revealed on February 7 at midnight KST for the group’s upcoming album “X X.”

The album will include six songs from their first mini album “+ +” including “favOriTe,” “Hi High,” and more, as well as six new tracks.

Updated February 6 KST:

Olivia Hye is the latest member of LOONA to star in a teaser photo! Her picture was shared with the caption “Everything around me is blue.”

Updated February 5 KST:

LOONA has shared a teaser photo of HeeJin! Her caption reads, “Breath-taking time.”

Updated February 4 KST:

LOONA’s JinSoul is the latest member to be featured in a teaser photo!

Her photo was shared along with the caption, “Feels like I’m waking up anew.”

Updated February 3 KST:

LOONA has dropped another member’s teaser photo!

The photo features member Gowon, along with the caption, “The start is a small flap of the wings.”

Updated February 2 KST: 

LOONA has shared another member’s teaser photo in preparation for their comeback!

This time, Kim Lip is the one featured in the photo with the caption, “A mirage with wings.”

Original Article: 

LOONA has shared a new teaser photo as they gear up for a comeback!

On February 1 at midnight KST, the girl group revealed a photo featuring member Haseul. The image was shared with the caption “A folded paper moon.”

Last month, LOONA began teasing something new with a series of videos.

LOONA is a 12-member group under BlockBerry Creative that first introduced their members through solo MVs and unit promotions that began in October 2016. They then made their debut with “Hi High” off their first album “+ +” in August 2018.

The group will be performing all the tracks off their upcoming album at their solo concerts on February 16 and 17. A comeback date has yet to be announced.

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