All 5 NU’EST Members Renew Contracts With Pledis Entertainment

NU’EST’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, announced on February 1 that all five members of NU’EST have renewed their contracts with the agency.

The news was first revealed to members of NU’EST’s official fan cafe, after which Pledis Entertainment released an official statement to the press.

Here is the full statement from Pledis Entertainment:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

We are announcing that all members of NU’EST — JR (real name: Kim Jong Hyun), Aron, Baekho (real name: Kang Dong Ho), Minhyun (real name: Hwang Min Hyun), and Ren (real name: Choi Min Ki) — have renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment.

Since their debut in 2012, NU’EST has grown alongside Pledis Entertainment for seven years, and on a foundation of trust and affection between [NU’EST] and the company, the group has worked hard thus far, through good times and bad.

We first notified fans of the renewal through NU’EST’s official fan cafe. As we said, ‘In order to show more growth and development as NU’EST, all members unanimously agreed to work with Pledis Entertainment once again, and we will do our best to keep our promise to the fans.’

NU’EST and Pledis Entertainment, who have been together for a long time on a foundation of trust and faith, have completed renewing contracts for the five members of NU’EST. The agency will offer full support for both group and individual activities, and we will do our best to aid and support the group.

NU’EST will work even harder for the fans, who have always supported and loved the group, and will return with even better music and promotions.

With the hope that fans will always stay by NU’EST’s side, we ask for your continued love and support for NU’EST’s future activities.

Thank you.

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