Update: Yoon Ji Sung Promises To “Be Always On Your Side” In New Teaser For Solo Debut With “Aside”

Updated February 19 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung shared an album cover image for his solo debut with “Aside”!

Updated February 18 KST: 

Yoon Ji Sung has shared snippets of all the songs from his upcoming debut album “Aside!”

Check it out below:

Updated February 15 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung has revealed the MV teaser for his solo debut with “In the Rain”!

Updated February 14 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung has released a sneak peek of the lyrics for his upcoming track “In the Rain”!

Check out the poetic lyrics from his spoiler video below:

I thought it was just because of the sound of the cold rain
I should have faced you and looked more closely at your face, which seemed sorrowful somehow
I should have remembered it
It was only as I watched you from behind as you turned away that I realized
That your sorrowful expression meant I’m sorry, I’m sorry
The sound of this rain drowned it out, so I didn’t hear

Updated February 13 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung revealed a new concept video and set of teasers for his solo debut!

Updated February 12 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung has shared some stunning photos for his solo debut album, as well as a concept video!

Updated February 11 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung has revealed the track list for his upcoming solo debut album!

“Aside” will feature a total of six tracks, including a collaboration with rookie boy group Stray Kids’ rapper Changbin. As previously reported, it also includes a song co-composed by Yoon Ji Sung’s former Wanna One bandmate Lee Dae Hwi.

Check out the full track list below!

Updated February 7 KST:

The album trailer has been unveiled for Yoon Ji Sung’s upcoming solo album “Aside”!

Check it out below:

Original Article:

Yoon Ji Sung, who recently signed with LM Entertainment, has released the first teaser for his solo debut album “Aside”!

February 1, the singer dropped a schedule for all of his pre-release teasers, including concept photos, lyric and music video teasers, and more, leading up to his album release on February 20.

The album name “Aside” has a double meaning, both as an abbreviation of “Always on your side” and as a dramatic device in which a character speaks directly to the audience.

Yoon Ji Sung planned the album as a thank you to all of the fans that have supported him and will feature a song produced by fellow Wanna One member Lee Dae Hwi in a B-side.In addition to promotions for his solo album, Yoon Ji Sung will be starring in the musical “The Days,” which will be running from February 22 through May 6.

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