Song Joong Ki Shares Heartfelt Lunar New Year Message To Fans With Updates On New Drama

Song Joong Ki updated fans on the filming of his upcoming drama and wished them a Happy New Year.

On February 1, the actor posted a message titled “Hello, it’s Joong Ki,” on his fan cafe.

“Long time no see,” he began. “As you know, I’m in the middle of filming ‘Asadal’ (literal title) these days. The weather is cold, so the actors and staff on set are all working hard. But the story is really fun and it’s turning out well, so we’re all cheering up and filming well.”

He continued, “I haven’t forgotten the promise that I made with all of you at the last fan meeting when I said that I would see you again with a good project. Since I’m human, there are times when I’m tired and exhausted on set from the many filming schedules. But whenever that happens, I think about the promise I made in front of all of you and gather strength.”

Song Joong Ki added, “I’m working with such great staff members that I’m confident that it’ll be a good drama. I’m working hard to create a never-before-seen character, so please wait a little while.”

“It’s already February and I feel like time will pass by more quickly once the Lunar New Year passes,” he concluded. “I hope you’ll spend the Lunar New Year with your family and loved ones. It’s cold outside, so always be careful not to catch a cold and Happy New year to all of our lovely KiAile [Song Joong Ki’s official fandom]. I always thank you and sincerely love you.”

“Asadal” is a fantasy drama about power, love, and growth that takes place in the mythical city of Asadal, which is said to have been the capital during the Gojoseon era. It’s co-written by Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon of “Tree with Deep Roots” and “Six Flying Dragons,” and directed by Kim Won Suk from “Incomplete Life” and “Signal.”

Its cast includes Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, Kim Ok Bin, Jo Sung Ha, Park Byung Eun, Oh Tae Oh, Go Bo Gyeol, and Jo Byeong Gyu.

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