“SKY Castle” Cast Members Say Goodbye To The Drama With Final Comments

The actors of JTBC’s “SKY Castle” shared their thoughts as their drama aired its final episode on February 1.

Kim Seo Hyung appeared as the mysterious admissions coordinator named Kim Joo Young. She received lots of praise for her acting skills and her character was the source of many popular phrases, including “You need to trust me.”

The actress shared photos of her with co-star Lee Hyun Jin and staff members on her Instagram. She wrote, “Writer Yoo Hyun Mi, director Jo Hyun Tak, camera director Oh Jae Ho, and lighting director Won Jong Baek. To all of the staff, who led Kim Joo Young. It was an honor. The end, at Kim Joo Young’s office.”

Jo Jae Yoon portrayed Joonam University’s orthopedist Dr. Woo Yang Woo, who was the husband to Jin Jin Hee and father to Woo Soo Han. Sharing photos of his on-screen family, he said, “The end! The final day of filming! Goodbye. In the hashtags, he added, “SKY Castle,” “Jin Jin Hee,” “Woo Soo Han,” “Woo Yang Woo you worked hard until now,” “Thank you for being with Jjin Jjin’s family until now.”

Yoon Se Ah played the part of an elegant housewife named Noh Seung Hye. She uploaded a photo of herself next to the words, “Noh Seung Hye, the most beautiful name in my life. I plan to take this with me until the day I die.”

In her caption, she began with hashtags, “SKY Castle,” “All filming,” “Finished.” She also added, “We safely wrapped filming. How will I express my grateful heart in words. Goodbye my castle!”

Lee Hyun Jin portrayed Kim Joo Young’s assistant Jo Tae Jun. Along with photos of him and Kim Seo Hyung, he wrote, “Hello. My greeting to you was late. I’m Jo Tae Jun. Thank you for everything. Goodbye ‘SKY Castle.’ Goodbye my lovely Kim Joo Young. Goodbye Tae Jun and stop doing drugs. And goodbye everyone.”

Each family in the drama also shared their final thoughts. Yeom Jung Ah said, “The five months that I laughed and cried with Han Seo Jin and Kwak Mi Hyang will stay in my memory for a long time.” Jung Joon Ho stated, “I was happy until the end thanks to love and support from many people. I sincerely thank you.” Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Ji Won added, “There wasn’t a time when we weren’t happy, from the moment we first auditioned to the final day of filming. It was a meaningful time where we could learn something every second.”

Lee Tae Ran stated, “There were times when I felt frustrated by the naive Soo Im, but I think I slowly began to feel joy as I sympathized with and understood Soo Im. The drama ended, but I sincerely hope that Woo Joo’s family is happier than they are now.”

She continued, “Before this drama began, I didn’t think that it would receive this much interest. I feel as if I’ve received an excessive amount of love, and the three months I spent with Soo Im feels like a dream. Thank you to viewers who gave Soo Im nicknames and adored her. I’ll see you again with another good project, so please look forward to it.”

Choi Won Young commented, “The writer’s amazing script and the director, staff, and actors who worked hard to portray it are the main reasons we were able to build a strong ‘SKY Castle.'” SF9’s Chani added, “I was very happy and grateful while filming. It’s a drama with many memories, so trying to part with it now, I have many regrets. I’ll work hard to show you good sides of me in the future.”

Yoon Se Ah began, “It was a really joyful time because I received lots of love. It was moving to the point where I wondered if this kind of moment would happen in my life ever again.” Kim Byung Chul said, “While filming, I thought a lot about family, which has a close but also distant relationship, and the impact my experience acting as Cha Min Hyuk had on me. Like my wishes, I hope that it’ll have a good impact.”

Kim Dong Hee stated, “Acting with outstanding senior actors in itself was a valuable experience. I learned a lot while watching the senior actors, so I’ll remember it as a drama that I’m thankful for.” Jo Byeong Gyu added, “Thank you to everyone who took an interest in not only the drama but also the character Cha Ki Joon and my acting. I hope you’ll watch the process of me growing as an actor.” Park Yoo Na concluded, “It was an honor to be a part of a good drama. Although it was short, I was thankful to be able to work with senior actors.”

Jin Jin Hee said, “There was never a drama before where I desperately wished for an extension. I earned the lovely nickname ‘Jjin Jjin’ and received so much support and love that I feel like I’m dreaming.” Jo Jae Yoon stated, “Our chemistry was good from the first day of filming to the last. It was a drama where I poured a lot of my heart into it, so I’m sad to say goodbye.” Lee Yoo Jin added, “I was able to grow a lot with the drama. I especially want to thank Oh Na Ra and Jo Jae Yoon, who really turned me into Soo Han on set.”

Kim Seo Hyung stated, “Thanks to ‘SKY Castle,’ I gained the strength to make it until the end. Thank you to all of the staff, including the writer and director, for allowing me to act as Kim Joo Young. All of the actors were beautiful in their roles, and I’m also thankful to viewers who joined us.”

Kim Bo Ra concluded, “I was really happy to be able to work with the staff and actors since last fall. Thanks to them, I was able to immerse myself even more into the confident and strong character of Hye Na. Thank you to viewers who cheered me on, and I’ll become an actress who continues to work hard in the future.”

“SKY Castle” aired its final episode on February 1, and the series will soon be available on Viki!

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