BIGBANG’s Seungri Releases Statement Regarding Recent Controversies Involving Burning Sun

BIGBANG’s Seungri has shared a statement in response to the controversies surrounding the club Burning Sun.

On February 2, Seungri posted the following statement on his Instagram:

Hello. This is Seungri.

I first want to bow my head and sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable or was worried due to the recent incident and controversy related to me. Because of this incident, the last few days have been like an unbearable nightmare, and I was flustered as to where and how I should begin talking about this.

I am sorry for my delayed official statement and apology. I was dissuaded by people around me that a hasty explanation may cause bigger misunderstandings during a time when uncertain information was already snowballing.

I was not at the scene when the assault incident that started this controversy occurred. I first learned about the incident a few days later through a staff member and only initially heard that there was assault on both sides between a customer and an employee, and that it was under police investigation. Due to the nature of the place of business, disputes and fights occur often, so I hoped that this would also be resolved peacefully without a big problem.

Later on, I saw the clip of the incident for the first time through the media, and I was also very shocked. Violence cannot be justified under any circumstance, and I sincerely apologize to the victim who was injured due to this incident. I hope that your mental and physical injuries will heal as soon as possible.

I first became involved with the club when BIGBANG briefly halted promotions and I began solo promotions. Using the time outside of my solo promotions, I began with the innocent mindset of wanting to try working as a DJ, which is something I had wanted to do, at a place where I could freely play music at any time.

Just in time, I got a good opportunity to become an executive director in charge of promotions at a club. Since I’m a celebrity, I was in charge of publicly promoting the club.

Operating and managing the club were not my roles, and I am reflecting and deeply apologize for not showing myself taking responsibility from the beginning of the incident, as I was not involved in these roles from the start.

The issue that began with an assault case is now being covered with reports about drugs. I have not seen or heard anything related to this, so I’ll actively cooperate with investigations and hope that strict punishment will be carried out if a crime is revealed through the investigation. I’ll also take full responsibility if there is something I need to be responsible for as an executive director at the time.

While going through this incident, I learned and realized a lot once more about the responsibility and attitude of a celebrity. I apologize once again to everyone for causing concern through this incident, and will work hard to become more mature and considerate.


Seungri, Lee Seung Hyun

On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk” aired a story about Mr. Kim who alleged he was assaulted by a Burning Sun’s director and security guards after trying to help a woman who was sexually harassed at the club. After sustaining injuries including broken ribs, he stated he was then arrested and assaulted by the police. The police responded with a press release with details of the incident and the investigation, and the controversy grew as suspicions of corruption between the police and the club, drugs, sexual assault, and other issues came to light.

Since then, Burning Sun Entertainment released a statement signed by CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho explaining the CCTV footage of a woman being dragged through a hallway of the club. Director Jang of Burning Sun also released more CCTV footage to E-Daily while a government petition was put up on the Blue House petition board for a thorough investigation into the matter and the police involved. It was also revealed that Seungri resigned as a director of the club last week.

On January 31, Yang Hyun Suk released a statement stating that the incident took place after Seungri had left the club and that the BIGBANG member was already in the process of resigning from all executive positions at his businesses in preparation for his upcoming military enlistment. He also stated that the reports about the drugs were groundless.

In the meantime, new CCTV footage was recently revealed to the public.

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