Yoo Joon Sang Is On The Verge Of Losing His Car Repair Shop And Home In “Liver Or Die”

The Lee family just can’t catch a break!

KBS2’s “Liver or Die” is about a lonely and pitiful middle-aged man named Lee Poong Sang (Yoo Joon Sang) who has always lived for other people and never lived for himself.

In the released stills the Lees are struck with another crisis. Lee Poong Sang, Lee Hwa Sang (Lee Si Young), Lee Jin Sang (Oh Ji Ho), and Lee Wae Sang (Lee Chang Yeob) are about to be kicked out of the car repair shop and their home.

Lee Poong Sang is running over with anger, and his siblings look shocked. By compulsory execution, he is about to lose his car repair shop and home. The four siblings hold each other’s arms and block the enforcers from entering their property. They are determined not to retreat anytime soon.

Poor Lee Poong Sang seems to have all the misfortune in the world. He is currently suffering from liver cancer, and he may not make it without a transplant. His siblings don’t know a thing, and he stubbornly refuses to ask them for a liver.

The production crew stated, “Poong Sang is already in despair due to the diagnosis of liver cancer, but he is facing losing his car repair shop and home. We ask you to wait and see if he will be kicked out onto the streets and what will happen in the future when things get tougher.”

The next episode of “Liver or Die” will air on February 6 at 10 p.m. KST.

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