“Clean With Passion For Now” Cast Shares Thoughts On Drama’s Conclusion

With JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” concluded, the stars of the drama have shared their thoughts on their characters, their co-stars, and more.

Kim Yoo Jung, who played the positive job-seeking Gil Oh Sol, shared, “Oh Sol is very optimistic and good. She comforts a lot of people, and through that she is able to be comforted herself. I was very happy while filming as her. Though it was physically a bit tiring during filming, I was able to film laughing until the end, perhaps because the drama itself is bright and fun.”

She added, “It wasn’t hard [to portray a ‘dirty’ character], but it was more comfortable. It’s uncomfortable to wear nice clothes, but I was able to wear sweatpants while filming in the beginning so it was very comfortable.” She laughed and said, “When I spilled something, I didn’t even wipe it off and filmed, so it was fun.”

Kim Yoo Jung remarked, “I hope that [viewers remember] our drama like ‘yogurt.’ Just as yogurt was a comfort to Oh Sol, I hope that the drama is able to comfort and heal viewers even just a little. I sincerely thank you for watching until now. Oh Sol will live well in the future, so I hope you all will remain healthy. Please have a happy lunar new year, and I hope that you all have happy days ahead.”

Yoon Kyun Sang, who took on the role of germaphobic CEO Jang Seon Kyul, shared, “I can’t believe that it’s already time to send off Seon Kyul. It was my first time taking on a romantic comedy, so I felt more attached to it, and I’ll remember Seon Kyul as a precious character. It was a drama with a lot of regrets. But I’m so thankful towards the director, writer, staff members who worked harder than anyone, and actors who worked hard together.”

He added, “After filming happily and giving strength to each other while filming through the cold months, ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ has come to an end. I’m thankful that I was able to meet good people through the drama and make many good memories. Thank you to all those who loved ‘Clean With Passion For Now.’ I will become an actor who will work even harder in the future, so please give me a lot of support and love. I would also like to thank my staff members, who worked hard until the end, and my fans, who always give support and love.”

Yoo Sun, who portrayed the efficient, yet humanistic Secretary Kwon, remarked, “I was able to receive the actors’ refreshing energy and passion and enjoyed filming. I’m thankful to the staff members who quietly took responsibility in each of their positions and did their best. Thank you to all the viewers who watched until the end. I’m thankful that I met great people through this drama and will remember it.”

Cha In Ha, who played the passionate youth Hwang Jae Min pursuing his dreams, commented, “I spent warm and happy times with ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ and Hwang Jae Min. The director, writer, all the staff members, and fellow actors worked really hard. Through the times that felt very short when short and long when very long, I grew as an actor. Thank you to the viewers who watched ‘Clean With Passion For Now.’ If it was a passionate and lovely time for you all, I’m happy. I will work hard to become an actor who promotes passionately. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in me, and I will greet you with a new drama soon.”

Lee Do Hyun, who took on the role of Gil Oh Sol’s younger brother Gil Oh Dol, shared, “I’m relieved and happy that we were able to conclude filming with no big incidents or trouble during the cold winter! Thanks to the viewers who gave a lot of interest and love, we were able to happily end. I will return with a diverse range of projects and good acting. Thank you to everyone who loved ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ and the Gil family.”

He added, “I would like to thank Kim Won Hae, who warmly took care of me like a real father on set and who taught me many things as a senior in life, as well as my sister, who became like a real sister to me. It was a very valuable and precious time for me. The passion I felt from the other actors on set has inspired my heart, and I will definitely return with another project.”

Min Dohee, who played Gil Oh Sol’s cool best friend and relationship coach Min Joo Yeon, remarked, “‘Clean With Passion For Now’ feels almost like a one-year project, so there’s a satisfying feeling to its end, but I’m always sad when a project ends. All the staff members and actors were like angels, so the set was really good. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see them anymore.”

She picked her most memorable scene as the one where Jang Seon Kyul came to visit Gil Oh Sol’s home. She commented, “I normally only film with Oh Sol, but we all gathered to film so it was fun. Not only the filming, but the rehearsal and waiting times were filled with laughter.” On her character’s style, she remarked, “The thing that felt the most different was the styling. I think it was a style that I had never shown before in dramas. At first it was awkward and I was curious as to what kind of reaction there would be, but people liked it, so I’m thankful.”

She concluded, “I always have regrets about my acting, so I have regrets on whether I portrayed Joo Yeon well. It was an honor, and I’m thankful to have participated in a warm drama and good filming set.”

Hak Jin also shared a selfie with his fellow cast members, with the brief message, “Goodbye, thank you everyone!!”

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“Clean With Passion For Now” aired its last episode on February 4, and will be available on Viki!

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