Update: MONSTA X’s Jooheon Changes English Stage Name To Joohoney

When MONSTA X released their latest comeback teasers, they may have revealed more than just a look at their concept!

On February 6, MONSTA X shared new concept photos for their comeback with “Take.2: We Are Here.” When the photos were posted on social media, the group’s fans Monbebe were quick to notice that Jooheon’s name was spelled in Korean as usual but written in English as “Joohoney.”

Fans recalled that Joohoney is a name that Jooheon has talked about before as a potential stage name.

Some Monbebes also pointed out that Jooheon recently signed a letter to fans using the name Joohoney.

Monbebe has been sharing their reactions to the idea on Twitter!

Stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is currently gearing up to make a comeback on February 18. This will be their first comeback since “Shoot Out” last October, which earned them four music show wins including their first ever win on a major network show.

Check out their teasers so far here!

Update February 8 KST:

MONSTA X has now confirmed that Jooheon’s English stage name will be Joohoney from now on, starting with their upcoming promotions.

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