9 Songs That Will Make Your Heart Flutter The Minute You Hear Them

Have you ever found yourself completely immersed in a song, to the point that you can feel it speak to you? Through its soft melody and hypnotizing notes, you find your soul even more captivated by its lyrical beauty as you attentively listen to the words.

These compelling tunes can calm your nerves, ease your worries, or simply get you in touch with your emotions. Whether it’s a moving ballad or a memorable drama OST, here are 9 sweet songs that will make your heart flutter when you listen to them.

1. Seo In Guk, Jung So Min – “Star”

Through its pensive melody, this OST from “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” compares finding one’s better half to a hidden star in the sky, beautifully portraying how two people harmoniously complement each other in a relationship.

Read the English translation here.

2. BTS’s V – “Scenery”

Just like the title says, this ballad encapsulates a collection of beautiful scenery as it tells the story of one’s longing for their love interest and wishing to cross paths with them once more.

Read the English translation here.

3. MAMAMOO – “Paint Me”

Through yet another captivating concept, the vocal goddesses used colors as a metaphor to describe how each memory of their love ventures, both bitter and sweet, are painted on the canvas that represent their respective hearts.

4. Hyolyn – “Just Stay”

This heartwrenching OST from “30 But 17” addresses the burdens of a one-sided love and the extent an individual will go to just to have their love interest stay by their side.

5. Super Junior – “One More Chance”

Like a tale from a melodrama, the Super Junior members wowed us with this single, where they’re asking for another shot to fix their past mistakes and win their lady back.

Read the English translation here.

6. EXO’s Chen – “Cherry Blossom Love Song”

This OST from “100 Days My Prince” traces a beautiful love confession through its rhymes, illustrating the narrator’s sweetheart via nature’s beauty, from the moonlight to cherry blossoms.

Read the English translation here.

7. BIGBANG – “Flower Road”

Not all paths are thorny. In fact, the impact of our loved ones makes them flowery and our hopes of meeting again at the end of the road keeps the feeling of serenity ever so alive.

8. Chungha – “It’s You”

Just like the plot of “Where Stars Land,” we’ve all happened to run into a familiar face. Sometimes, that person re-entering your life becomes more than just a coincidence and more of a fated reunion that wakes a spark within your heart.

9. DAY6 – “I Like You”

Confessing your feelings to your crush can be quite challenging, but maybe it could be less awkward if done through a song, like this one right here!

Which song makes your heart flutter the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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