Park Bo Gum Shares Thoughts On Possibly Collaborating With BTS’s V And His Acting Goals

Park Bo Gum shared his overflowing passion for acting!

In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Park Bo Gum said, “I felt that I should cherish the time I have this year and use it well,” adding, “There isn’t enough time to even love and congratulate one another.”

Last year, Park Bo Gum graduated from Myongji University as a musical theater major, and he has currently moved on to graduate school. He explained, “I applied to a major involving music because I wanted to study composing, and thankfully, I was accepted. I attended school after being accepted last semester, and I think I’ll return.” When asked about his reason for pursuing his schooling in the midst of his acting activities, he shared, “While I have new experiences on the filming set, the things that I learn at school are important too. Since I’m majoring in a different field, I feel as if I’ll enjoy it more. I don’t want to miss that experience. Thankfully, since I had a good school life, I think it’s become an important experience. I still contact my peers.”

Previously, the actor has shown off his vocal skills by singing an OST for his past drama. He also expressed the desire to broaden his horizons by releasing an album and participating in a musical.

When asked if there was a possibility of having a collab with BTS’s V, he said, “I should give him a call. We recently met up to grab food, and we told each other to have strength. He’s currently busy with his tour. I wonder how busy he must be and how difficult it must be for him.”

The actor also expressed his gratitude to his fans who have supported him unconditionally, adding that he wanted to work hard this year to repay them. In regards to roles he wanted to try in the future, Park Bo Gum said, “If the opportunity arises, I want to try acting as a psychopath. Thankfully, the role I took on for KBS2’s “I Remember You” showed the process of becoming such a character through certain circumstances. Perhaps because of that, I like characters that have a clear background reason for why they came to be the way they are even if the characters are dark.”

Park Bo Gum also shared his thoughts on “Encounter,” sharing his affection for his character and revealing that he enjoyed each episode’s ending for its fun and refreshing content. On his similarities with his character Kim Jin Hyuk, the actor said, “I think our positive attitudes are similar. The project made me realize that you have to know how to love yourself to be able to love others.” Park Bo Gum also explained that he’s different with the character in the sense that while Kim Jin Hyuk expresses his love without holding back, he’s more careful because he’s thinking about the other person’s feelings.

The actor also expressed his desire to become a flexible actor like Song Hye Kyo, who can respond well to different scene requests on the spot.

Furthermore, he talked about his long hairstyle that became a hot topic when the drama first aired. He said, “I didn’t grow my hair with the project in mind. I just wanted to grow it out,” sharing that he had always wanted to take on a project with long hair. He added, “After having long hair, I think the people who have long hair are amazing. It’s hard to take care of.”

Following the conclusion of “Encounter,” Park Bo Gum expressed his desire to continue to build his experience as an actor and to meet more people through his acting.

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