Actress Yoo Ha Na Revealed To Be Pregnant With Second Child

Actress Yoo Ha Na is expecting her second child!

On February 7, Yoo Ha Na posted a photo of herself on her Instagram along with a caption that confirmed the pregnancy news.

Read her message below:

A photo I took during my twelfth week [of pregnancy].

A lot of people asked me about my skincare routine after hearing about my pregnancy. Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows. The trouble of having drier and rougher skin, and suddenly an abundance of [skin] troubles. When I was pregnant with my first child, I’d get pimples if I tried to pop them, and they’d appear right when I thought they’d go away.

After becoming pregnant a second time, I saw some of those signs at first, so I began to use [skin care] products carefully.

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ㅡ 12주때 찍은 사진이에요? 임신소식들으시구 피부관리어떻게하냐구 엄청 많이 물어주세요^^;; 임신해보신분들은 아시죠ㅠ 전보다 푸석하고 거칠고 갑자기 없던 트러블도 왕창! . 저도 첫아이때 말할수없이 트러블이 짜면 생기고 없어질까싶음생기고 정말 스트레스였답니다? 둘째 임신 후, 처음에 약간의 그런징조(?)가 보여서 제품을 꼼꼼히 쓰기시작한것같아요. 피부과도 못가고 원래도 관리못하면 트러블생기는피부라 초긴장이였죠. 다행히 제가 만난제품들에게 많은 도움을 받은것같아요! 클렌징잘하고 흡수도와주는제품쓰고 안전한성분으로 잘만든 제품으로 피부를 건강히 했던게 제일 심하다는 초기피부에 아직까진 잘 넘어가는듯해요^^ . ✔#일론앰플 은, 앰플마다 정해진 수량이있어요! 고민하시다간 또 저에게 2차공구 대체언제하냐고 물으실수 있다는점 꼭 기억해주세요ㅠ . 제가 공구진행했던 나이트밤, 아이롤 구매해주신분들이 아묻따 구매 라고 하시면서 첫날인 오늘 벌써 너무 많이들 구매해주셔서 정말 감사히 생각하고있어요❤?? . 배송은 담주 월요일 칼배송할수있답니다? . #속부터챙겨요 #몸도피부도? #기다리시는나이트밤과아이롤2차공구날짜는 #곧공지할께요

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Yoo Ha Na’s agency also revealed, “Yoo Ha Na is 14 weeks pregnant and is expecting in August. [She] is very happy at the moment due to [her pregnancy] and she is devoting herself to prenatal education. After having her baby, she will still be actively promoting.”

Yoo Ha Na and her baseball player husband Lee Yong Gyu tied the knot in 2011 and later gave birth to their first child Do Heon.

Congratulations to Yoo Ha Na and her husband!

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