Update: Chungha Discharged From Hospital + Agency Provides Update

Updated February 11 KST:

Chungha has been discharged from the hospital.

A representative from the singer’s agency stated, “Chungha’s condition has gotten better, and she was discharged from the hospital yesterday (February 10). After her discharge, she is currently resting.”

However, nothing is confirmed regarding Chungha’s ability to take on any activities at the moment. The agency added, “She plans to take things easy and wrap up her promotional activities, and she will take extra care of her health.”

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Updated February 9 KST:

After Chungha’s visit to the hospital on February 8 for persisting abdominal pain, the singer’s agency, MNH Entertainment, released an official statement revealing that Chungha is suffering from enteritis, inflammation of the small intestine.

Here is MNH’s full statement:

Hello, this is MNH Entertainment. First, we apologize for causing fans concern ahead of Chungha’s birthday.

We’d like to make an announcement regarding Chungha’s current situation as well as her future schedule.

This morning, Chungha said she was experiencing abdominal pain, so she got a check-up at the hospital. Upon examination, it was confirmed that the pain was due to enteritis.

As a result, Chungha’s upcoming activities have been canceled, and per the doctor’s advice, Chungha will be focusing on treatment and rest until she is fully recovered.

We ask for your understanding. Thank you.

Original Article:

On February 8 KST, a Korean media outlet reported that Chungha had canceled her broadcast schedule and gone to the hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the source, Chungha had complained of abdominal pain for several days. Eventually she was unable to complete her schedule as planned and was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Shortly after the reports, a source from Chungha’s agency told TVReport, “She has complained of abdominal pain since yesterday. Today her condition was not good so she went to the hospital.”

The agency source continued, “She has undergone an examination and is waiting for the results. We will adjust the schedule based on the diagnosis.”

Chungha has been promoting her hit song “Gotta Go,” which she released back in January and continues to top charts, and has recently announced a collaboration with VIXX’s Ravi and an upcoming appearance at the SXSW Music Festival.

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