TVXQ’s Changmin Says EXO’s Xiumin Is Like Yunho

TVXQ’s Changmin and EXO’s Xiumin spent a memorable day together on MBC’s “I Live Alone”!

On the February 8 broadcast, the two singers hiked up Halla Mountain on Jeju Island.

Changmin, who had climbed the mountain before, prepared supplies for Xiumin and took good care of him. Xiumin commented, “I had never seen that kind of landscape before. It was really nice,” and Changmin added, “Even though it wasn’t my first time seeing it, it was still so beautiful.”

Explaining his reason for going to Halla Mountain after four years, Changmin said, “I went to Halla Mountain with SHINee’s Minho before, and it was the year I entered the military. Minseok [Xiumin’s given name] will be enlisting this year. I wanted to transfer the energy that I received at the time to Xiumin, so we went to Halla Mountain.”

In the car ride on the way to the mountain, Xiumin opened the window and enjoyed the cool breeze. Later, during the hike, Changmin revealed, “I felt this since I was in the car earlier, but I kind of feel like I’m with Yunho.” Xiumin then stated, “I think I’m sweating too much,” and took off most of the layers he had worn beneath his padded jacket. Expressing concern, Changmin asked, “You’re going to take off all of that? This is an illness. Are you crazy? Minseok, why are you doing this?”

Xiumin answered, “I’m a passionate person. Can’t you see Yunho in me?” then said that he felt better after taking off some items of clothing as Changmin watched him in fascination. Throughout the hike, Xiumin continued to take off his gloves and hat that were soaked in sweat. When the EXO member confessed, “I actually wanted to take off all of my clothes,” Changmin made him laugh by replying, “Hey shush!”

Xiumin looked tired as he sweated during the hike, while Changmin appeared as if he were taking a stroll around his neighborhood. Lee Si Eon commented, “Xiumin is sweating because he’s struggling and Changmin isn’t tired.” Han Hye Jin asked Changmin how many bottles of soju he drinks on a good day, to which he replied, “I drink about six bottles and then go to sleep.”

The two idols finally reached their destination, and Changmin took out the lunch he had packed in the morning consisting of butter abalone kimbap and butter roasted abalone. He also prepared bags of ramen and hot water in a thermos so they could enjoy warm noodles on the spot.

He, however, forgot to pack chopsticks and got on his knees to ask others to use theirs. Xiumin was surprised by his actions, but Changmin succeeded at getting chopsticks after two attempts. After eating, they tried to reenact the famous scene from the film “Love Story,” but made everyone laugh when the snow wasn’t as soft as they had imagined.

The idols commented on the trip during their individual interviews. Xiumin stated, “I’m so grateful to Changmin for giving me this kind of experience,” and Changmin concluded, “With the good memories and energy with [Xiumin], I think I’ll be able to have a good year.”

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