7 Fascinating K-Pop Choreographies That Involve Waacking

If by any chance you’re unfamiliar with “waacking,” there is no need to worry. You’ll have a pretty good idea of what it looks like once you’ve watched some of the clips on this article! Simply put, it’s a style of street dance that involves lots of fast arm movements. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, so read on and see for yourself the impressive choreographies that are created when they incorporate waacking.

If you’re already familiar with the dance genre, then you’ve probably realized that waacking has become more frequently used in K-pop choreographies. Take a look and tell us which K-pop waacking fusion is your favorite!

Yubin – “Thank U Soooo Much”

Choreographed by Lip J, a professional Korean waacking dancer, this retro track appears to pay tribute to the roots of waacking in the disco clubs of the 70s. The confident waacking attitude works well with the sarcastic lyrics that “thank” a past lover for providing too much unnecessary information during a break up.

KARA – “Mamma Mia”

As one of the earliest choreographies to fuse waacking with K-pop, “Mamma Mia” contains most of the basic moves any waacking beginner should start out with learning. This classic piece was created by Bae Yoon Jung, who is well known as one of the dance coaches on “Produce 101” and “Produce 48.”

DreamCatcher – “Fly High”

The dance break in “Fly High” is probably the fastest and most intricate waacking routine on this whole list, so kudos to DreamCatcher for pulling it off! The chorus includes some elements of waacking as well, but the dance break is where the really impressive moves come in.

Oh My Girl – “Secret Garden”

This song marks the start of a new dance style for Oh My Girl that is continued by their following title track “Remember Me.” The dance break in this dream-like song is a full-on waacking routine that effectively expresses the dramatic melody in the background.

Produce 101 – “Pick Me”

Also choreographed by Bae Yoon Jung, “Pick Me” was one of the biggest signs that waacking was truly starting to become an important part of female K-pop choreography. Waacking is an excellent choice for hitting the fastest beats in a song, and that’s exactly how it was used in the climax of “Pick Me.”

TWICE – “Do It Again”

“Do It Again” is a b-side track from TWICE’s debut album “The Story Begins.” There is a short section in this fun song that is undeniably waacking-influenced. In fact, during one of TWICE’s performances of the song, Momo briefly showed off her waacking skills in her solo part.

Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

Chungha is a waacking diva. It’s an exhilarating experience to watch her petite figure dominate the stage with her clean moves. Out of her songs, “Roller Coaster” incorporates the most elements of waacking, but no matter which song she dances to, she never loses the waacking tension in her fingers.

Bonus: IZ*ONE – “Suki To Iwasetai”

While “Suki To Iwasetai” isn’t technically a K-pop song, it wouldn’t hurt to slip this J-pop track into the list since IZ*ONE is also a K-pop group. The group’s synchronization in the waacking intro is a feast for the eyes.

Which of these choreographies did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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