Main Vocalist Of Boy Group Takes “The King Of Mask Singer” By Surprise With His Vocal Talents

City Magpie has wowed the audience and panelists on “The King of Mask Singer”!

On the February 10 episode of the MBC variety show, viewers were able to see various idol groups’ main vocalists competing with their vocal talents during a continuation of last week’s Lunar New Year Special.

The final battle of the first round saw City Magpie and Young Master, who was revealed to be PENTAGON’s Jinho, battling it out with a duet rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Rather than focusing on the competition, the two singers worked the crowd through their charming performance.

The two then performed their solo songs. Young Master chose YB’s “Peppermint Candy,” while City Magpie sang “365 Days” by Ali, warming the audience and panelists’ hearts by bringing his own fresh twist to the song.


Unfortunately, Young Master took the final win with 117 votes to City Magpie’s 82.

With Young Master moving on to the next round, City Magpie took off his mask to reveal that it was none other than ONF’s main vocalist Hyojin. He commented, “It was a great experience. I’m still really nervous.”

EXID’s Solji complimented Hyojin as she remarked, “I was really surprised after [watching your performance]. It’s to the point where you could begin solo promotions. I’ll support you.”

Hyojin then stated, “Fans asked when I was going to appear on ‘The King of Mask Singer.’ I thought I had the chance at last. When I think of ‘The King of Mask Singer,’ my heart feels as if it’ll explode, and I thought that I was lacking. However, the seniors told me great things, so I’m happy and I’ve gained confidence.”

He then concluded, “I’ve finally figured out what I should do from now on. I’ll become someone who works hard.”

After the broadcast, Hyojin took to Twitter to write, “Hello, it’s the ‘Prickly City Magpie’ Hyojin! I’ve always wanted to appear on ‘The King of Mask Singer,’ but today’s results are very disappointing—still, I’m really happy that I was able to have this great opportunity! I’ll work hard in singing from now on as well!!”

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