DreamCatcher’s Agency Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors Surrounding Siyeon

Happyface Entertainment has shared an update their legal action regarding rumors surrounding DreamCatcher’s Siyeon.

On February 7, the agency announced that they would be taking legal action against an individual spreading rumors claiming that Siyeon was involved in incidents of school violence. In their official statement, they emphasized that Siyeon was not involved in the matters spoken about in the rumors, and that they would be taking legal action against defamation and malicious spreading of false rumors.

Happyface released a follow-up statement on February 11 to provide fans with an update on the face. Read the full statement below:

Hello. This is Happyface Entertainment.

We would like to share our official statement on the situation regarding the spreading of rumors about our artist.

Happyface Entertainment recently filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station’s cyber crime investigation team against an individual who spread untrue claims online to slander and defame our artist.

Happyface Entertainment will take firm action against all those who maliciously slander and insult our artists by spreading false information and defaming their characters.

Also, we will actively monitor the spreading of false information on portal sites, online communities and social media in order to ensure that additional harm does not occur.

We wish to express our gratitude to fans who have shown their concerns. Happyface Entertainment promises to do our best to protect our artists’ rights and active work to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

Thank you.

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