Kwanghee Reveals Why He Didn’t Want Son Dam Bi And Other Celebs To Visit Him In The Military

The February 11 broadcast of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” was Part 2 of Son Dam Bi and Kwanghee’s appearance on the show, and the two delighted viewers once again with their BFF banter and ease around each other.

Talking about their friendship, Kwanghee said, “When I’m with Son Dam Bi, she always buys the food. She’s bought me more food than my mom. My mom just uses my card, honestly.”

Asked if they ever talked over the phone during Kwanghee’s military service, Son Dam Bi said they did once.

“I wanted to talk to [Son Dam Bi], so I called,” said Kwanghee. “She immediately said she would come to visit. I was so thankful, but I told her not to come.”

He explained, “It would get crazy and people would be asking for her autograph, and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.” For that reason, he said, not a single celebrity visited.

Kwanghee also responded to comments about how he lost so much weight in the military. In typical Kwanghee fashion, he poked fun at himself, gesturing to indicate his sunken cheeks and saying, “There were photos taken of me when I was discharged, and there was this skeleton.”

When host Ahn Jung Hwan commented that he looks like he covered his laugh lines with makeup, Kwanghee said, “You know how normally you’d ask to have shading done to make your face look smaller? I told them not to, but to expand my face instead.” He added that he’s looking to put on some weight.

Later on in the show, when the hosts were looking through Kwanghee’s refrigerator, he pointed out the dish that his mom made. “Honestly, my mom didn’t have a lot of time to cook because she was working,” said Kwanghee. “She earned money and got me plastic surgery. And after I had it done once, I wanted to do more..”

When Son Dam Bi cut off his plastic surgery monologue, saying, “Would you stop talking about plastic surgery?” Kwanghee immediately tucked tail and said, “Okay.”

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