N.Flying Shares Excitement And Gratitude As “Rooftop” Belatedly Charts In Top 100 Of Melon

N.Flying’s “Rooftop” has made an impressive rise on charts!

The group’s newest title track was released on January 2. Melon provides real-time chart rankings up to No. 100 and daily chart rankings up to No. 1000. “Rooftop” did not chart in the top 1000 of Melon’s daily chart at first.

However, word began to spread about the song, and it began to rise gradually on the daily chart, eventually making it to No. 365 on the February 14 daily chart.

Then on February 17 at 12 a.m. KST, it entered the top 100 of the Melon real-time chart for the first time at No. 97.It then rose further at 1 a.m. KST to peak at No. 71.The band’s leader Lee Seung Hyub, who wrote the song, took to Instagram to express his gratitude.

His post reads as follows:

My heart felt full because many people gave the song a lot of love, but now that there is a response being shown on charts, I don’t know how to feel..

On one hand, I feel very proud and happy as it feels like N.Flying can really grow as a band more and that my stories can receive even just a bit of recognition.

To some, it might not seem like a big deal, but as hard as I have worked, I will take it as a sign to work harder.

I will not be greedy and work harder one step at a time for our N.Fia (N.Flying’s fan club name) and our members.

Thank you so much, N.Fia.

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많은분들이 사랑해주고 좋아해주셔서 마음이 풍족했는데 차트에서 조금 반응이보이니까 어쩔줄모르겠네요.. 한편으로는 엔플라잉이 진짜로 밴드로 더 성장할수있겠구나와 내 이야기로 아주 아주 조금이라고해도 인정받겠구나 싶어서 너무 뿌듯하구 기분이좋아요 어떤 사람들에게는 별거아니게 느껴질수있어도 누구보다 열심히 해온만큼 더 열심히하라는 뜻으로 받아들이고 욕심부리지않고 한발자국씩 더 우리 엔피아들을 위해서 그리고 멤버들을 위해서 더 열심히 할게요 너무 고마워요 엔피아 #엔플라잉 #엔피아 #옥탑방 #자랑스러워 #너희들이

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The members also shared their excitement by each posting a photo of them making a star with their hands together with their manager. Yoo Hwe Seung wrote, “Let’s work harder, hwaiting!!”

Congratulations to N.Flying!

Watch the music video for “Rooftop” again below:

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