8 Times Park Ji Hoon Stole Our Hearts

It was easy to see since the very first parts of “Produce 101 Season 2” that Park Ji Hoon is one extremely charming boy who is ready to steal everyone’s hearts in a second. Although he has grown up a lot since the program, we still can’t resist his cuteness, not to mention his incredible talent, which he’s showed off many times in the last year. To make your day better and definitely more pink, here are some of the greatest moments of Ji Hoon!

Where it all began

It’s actually easy to say when Ji Hoon first succeeded at stealing all of our hearts: who wouldn’t remember his iconic wink at the end of the “Pick Me” performance? No, we are still not over our Wink Boy, and we probably won’t ever be.

“I’ll save you in my heart”

Sorry, we can’t just miss out on Ji Hoon’s catchphrase that became one of the biggest trends in K-pop. We’ve seen so many celebrities doing their own version of “Jeojang,” but they will never beat the original by Ji Hoon! It’s just way too adorable.

His charismatic dance moves

It wasn’t only his charming personality that gave Ji Hoon all the praise and love during “Produce 101”! His dance moves were totally on point, and it’s impossible not to get amazed by his moves. Just check out this performance as an example (starts at 2:50)!

“I’m not pig!”

Can you remember this hilarious English dialogue between Ji Hoon and fellow Wanna One member Ha Sung Woon? It was just pure gold from start to finish, and it wasn’t only Kang Daniel who was entertained by this fantastic conversation. Fans loved it just as much!

The successful fanboy

One thing to adore about Ji Hoon that he is just as much of a fanboy as we all are! His respect and adoration towards BTS’s Taehyung (V) is well-known among fans, and we can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous, as he is living the perfect fanboy life! The two always greet each other on award shows, and they are also known to play games together from time to time.

His friendship with Woo Jin

It’s just so endearing to watch a blooming friendship between members of the same group, and that’s what happened with Park Woo Jin and Park Ji Hoon! Whatever this duo did was always just funny and sassy, and the pure friendship these two share is really something precious.

The beatbox master

Isn’t it crazy how this small boy is amazing in beatboxing as well? Is there anything he can’t do? Just check out his skills, because he knows what’s good!

His singing skills

Ji Hoon’s voice is just too sweet, and we wouldn’t mind hearing more of it in the future! Thankfully, he got some iconic lines in every Wanna One song, but we can’t wait to actually hear more of him in his upcoming solo album!

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