Update: TXT Gives A New Look At “Debut Celebration Show” Through Teaser

Updated February 28 KST:

Mnet has shared a new teaser for TXT’s “Debut Celebration Show”! The clip includes a look at their debut show, featuring reality, performances, and more. At the end, Yeonjun says, “Let’s meet soon!”

Updated February 26 KST:

TXT has revealed which voice teaser belonged to which member! The teasers are in preparation for the group’s “Debut Celebration Show,” which will air on Mnet on March 4 at 7 p.m. KST.

Check out the clip below and see if you were able to match the member to their voice correctly!

Updated February 22 KST:

The voice teaser has been released for the final TXT member!

In this clip, the member comments, “In TOMORROW X TOGETHER, I think I am a charming and cool guy. The other members say that there are many different sides of me. I hope you will give our TOMORROW X TOGETHER lots of love.”

Have you figured out the voices of the five TXT members?

Updated February 21 KST:

The fourth voice teaser has been unveiled for TXT!

This member shares, “I really like hip hop, and I really love dancing. During monthly trainee evaluations, I got first place every month, so the members thought I was cool at first, but now I think they find me cute.”

Who do you think this member is?

Updated February 20 KST:

TXT has released the third voice teaser for their “Debut Celebration Show”!

In this third clip, the member shares that he makes friends very easily and that he likes fooling around while taking videos of the other members.

Do you have a guess for this third member?

Updated February 19 KST:

The second voice teaser has been unveiled for TXT’s “Debut Celebration Show”!

In this new clip, the hidden member says, “In TOMORROW X TOGETHER, I think I am a warm member that all of the other members can approach comfortably. On what was most difficult as a trainee, I could endure everything like not getting sleep or dancing, but I really could not endure dieting. I am a member who really likes eating.”

Who do you think this second voice belongs to?

Original Article:

TXT has now unveiled their voices for the first time!

On February 18, Mnet revealed a voice teaser for the new Big Hit group’s “Debut Celebration Show.”

The clip begins by asking, “What do you hear?” and features all five members speaking at the same time.

It then shows a member covering his face and speaking by himself. He says, “My hands are very pretty. Our members say that my cleverness is my most appealing trait. Who do you think I am?”

TXT’s “Debut Celebration Show” will air on March 4 at 7 p.m. KST.

Which member do you think is speaking in the teaser?

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