“My Only One” Breaks Personal Ratings Record + Addresses Drunk Driving Scene

My Only One” continues to show strong popularity.

The two episodes that aired on February 17 recorded viewership ratings of 37.6 percent and 42.6 percent, respectively.

This surpasses the drama’s previous record of 41.6 percent, which was set with the January 16 episode.

However, along with the high ratings, a scene from one of the February 17 episodes also brought a controversial response.

Jang So Young (Go Na Eun) held a glass of alcohol and brought it up towards her lips, but she was not actually shown drinking it. Afterwards, she drove Wang Dae Ryook (Lee Jang Woo) home, and some viewers criticized this as implying drunk driving.

In response, KBS commented, “As we are aware of drunk driving recently receiving societal attention, we minimized scenes with drinking in the script. We also did not include a scene showing So Young drinking alcohol.”

The statement continues, “However, we completely agree with the opinion of viewers that this scene contains room for misunderstanding. As a drama that receives a lot of love from viewers, we will be careful so an incident like this does not occur again, and we will do our best to give back as a better drama.”

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