Watch: ITZY Shines Brightly Behind-The-Scenes Of “DALLA DALLA” MV

ITZY has shared new behind-the-scenes footage of each member for the “DALLA DALLA” music video!

Starting on February 16 with Yeji, JYP Entertainment released a music video making video for each member, revealing the hard work and dedication that went into filming ITZY’s successful debut MV.

In Yeji’s video, she showed off her resolve to do well for the filming. While describing the members’ outfits, Yeji said, “Here, this is an animal farm. We have a peacock, and roar, a tiger, and…an ostrich?” Yeji continued to show off her playful side when filming with the suitcase saying, “Should I work? I should work. I am going to work,” while getting on the conveyor belt.

Yeji also explained that she was excited to be finally releasing their own song with their own choreography after having practiced other artists’ songs for so long. The video concluded with Yeji describing herself as a palette, for she’s able to hold a lot of diverse colors with both strong and cute charms.

During Lia’s behind-the-scenes video, she describes “DALLA DALLA” as a song that expresses oneself. When asked about filming on top of a car, she shyly confessed, “Honestly, I’m really scared, but I’m getting used to it little by little.” She also expressed her gratitude to the members who have worked hard to train for their debut.

Lia compared herself to cinnamon because she has individuality, and she is strong and unique. In particular, when mixed with other food, cinnamon tends to shine even more, which is the type of person Lia wants to be.

Ryujin showed off her powerful expressions as she filmed for ITZY’s music video. Behind-the-scenes, she joked, “Yuna must like me. She is also filming at the spot I filmed at,” while making a silly face. Ryujin also shared that it still felt surreal that she is debuting after having performed with many different teams on the audition program “MIXNINE.”

When asked to compare herself to something, Ryujin chose a cat because while she loves the members, she is not very good at expressing it.

In Chaeryeong’s behind-the-scenes video, Chaeryeong laughed shyly saying that she feels embarrassed because of the camera filming her. She also explained that some of the messages from their song include, “have confidence,” and, “love myself.” Chaeryeong said debuting feels like a fantasy to her after having dreamt about it for so long.

Charyeong described herself as a macaron not only because it has diverse flavors but also because even one is enough to help recharge one’s energy levels.

Finally, the video for ITZY’s youngest member Yuna was released. She shared that filming the music was very fun, adding that she forgot the difficulties of filming even though it was cold. Yuna added that she felt reassured because of the members, saying that she wanted to send them positive energy as the youngest member.

Yuna said that the word to describe herself is “twinkle” as she shines brightly.

Recently, ITZY also gave a closer look at “DALLA DALLA” with their dance practice video here.

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