Watch: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And ITZY’s Ryujin Celebrate New “Inkigayo” MC Shin Eun Soo

Shin Eun Soo received a special surprise for her first “Inkigayo” episode!

On February 17, the actress completed her first episode as an MC together with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu.

In a behind-the-scenes video released on February 22, Mingyu prepares a stack of the famous “Inkigayo” sandwiches, which she has never tried before, and surprises her as she walks backstage. When Shin Eun Soo arrives, she is also shocked to see ITZY’s Ryujin, a close friend of hers, join in on the surprise.

Ryujin asks her how she feels, and Shin Eun Soo responds, “It is a relief that I finished well. I will show stable hosting skills every Sunday from now on.” Afterwards, Shin Eun Soo gifts Ryujin with six sandwiches, to which Ryujin comments, “I feel rich.”

In the interview following, Mingyu remarks, “[Jung] Chae Yeon and I showed friend-like chemistry previously, and now Eun Soo and I will host with sibling-like chemistry.”

Regarding reactions to her becoming an MC, Shin Eun Soo shares, “My family, friends, and acquaintances seemed even happier than me. I was very glad as they congratulated me, and I worked hard on preparing with a lot of support from people around me.”

On a song she has been into recently, Shin Eun Soo makes Mingyu smile as she says, “I honestly really like SEVENTEEN’s ‘Home’ these days.”

Check out the full video below!

Watch Mingyu and Shin Eun Soo’s first “Inkigayo” episode together below:

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