“The Last Empress” Cast Shares Their Thoughts After Drama’s Finale

The cast of “The Last Empress” have shared their thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to an end.

On February 21, just before the drama aired its finale, Jang Nara wrote, “Filming done. Thank you, thank you to all the viewers who have loved ‘The Last Empress!’ I am also deeply grateful to the cast and crew who have worked hard for almost half a year. Thanks to the ‘The Last Empress’ team, who kept smiling even when they were tired and exhausted, and thanks to my colleagues, I was able to work hard and not lose my sense of responsibility!”

She continued, “(Thank you to my personal team, from hairstylist Choi Jung Eun and makeup artist Lee Ji Min, who stayed full of fighting spirit until the end, and thank you to Young Hyun and Chief Park Kyung Hwa, who worked hard for a long time to make me look good, and thank you to manager Kim Gwi Hoon, who accompanied me everywhere.) And… I want to say thank you to my friends, who cheered me on quietly for a long time. Even if you don’t say anything, I can feel your warm gaze and know your true feelings.”

She concluded, “Thank you, I love you. I will rest deeply for a brief time and return with even more energy! (I had a bad cold so… I’m really sorry that my voice wasn’t very good during the final episode TT).”

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Also on social media, Shin Sung Rok wrote, “‘The Last Empress’… It was a fun journey I will never forget. I’m so grateful to the precious people I met through this project. Thank you so much to the viewers who loved ‘The Last Empress’ and my character Lee Hyuk.” He added, “P.S. Thank you to Lee Hyuk… the lonely and bitter man that I… loved.”

Lee Elijah released a statement through her agency that said, “I was able to complete filming without any problems and endure through the cold winter due to the viewers who showed their love for ‘The Last Empress.’ Thank you to the crew, who went through a lot, and I will work to repay the love we have received on this drama with a new project soon. Thank you for spending this cold winter with us.”

Stephanie Lee said, “‘The Last Empress’ has one more episode left and the love that the viewers showed us has me feeling regretful [about what I could do]. The cast and crew, who endured through the cold for six months, all went through a lot and it was a shoot through which we all became closer. It was a precious experience that I learned a lot from. Thank you to the viewers who loved ‘The Last Empress’ and my character and please keep watching until the end.”

Shin Go Eun wrote on Instagram, “Goodbye to my character, who I felt both regretful and grateful for every time we met. I was happy on ‘The Last Empress.'”

“The Last Empress” also revealed a behind-the-scenes film of the last day of filming, which included some last words from Shin Sung Rok and Jang Nara. The two actors shared their mixed feelings on the end of a shoot that had lasted six months and thanked the viewers for their support. Jang Nara apologized once again for the state of her voice and both actors promised to return with a new project soon in the future.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes video below (but keep in mind that there are spoilers for the final episode of “The Last Empress”):

You can watch the epic finale of “The Last Empress” here!

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