BTS’s Jimin Sends Support For Friend Performing On “I Can See Your Voice”

One of the contestants on the latest episode of “I Can See Your Voice” was cheered on by his friend Jimin of BTS!

On the February 22 episode of the show, SEVENTEEN was the celebrity guest of the week. They took on the show’s challenge, which is to watch determine whether people are really talented singers or actually “tone-deaf” before they hear them sing.

In one round, a group of talented singers wowed with their performance of SEVENTEEN’s “Clap.”

After they showed their skills, Super Junior’s Leeteuk said that he heard that one of the members, dance instructor Kim Dae Hoon, had prepared to be a singer alongside a famous idol.

Kim Dae Hoon replied, “My friend is Jimin of the famous, world-class BTS. When he found out that I was coming on the show, he cheered me on and bought me a meal.” He explained that while he had been preparing for a debut, it had fallen through.

A photo was shared of Jimin holding up a sign that says: “‘Kim Dae Hoon I Can See Your Voice’ I’m supporting you and looking forward to your first performance on television. Have strength, Dae Hoon. Good luck!”

Kim Dae Hoon wrote on his Instagram, “Jimin, I’m so grateful that you supported me through this photo and helped me!! Thank you for sending the photo even though you must be busy with your TV appearances and performances. See you soon!!!!!!”

Kim Dae Hoon’s performance group also included Go Woojin of the idol group The Man BLK and Kim Do Hyun, who is currently working as an event MC.

Watch them perform below!

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