Euijin Gives Update On BIGFLO After Departure Of 2 Members And Plans For His Solo Album

Euijin shared his future plans as well as his thoughts on the departures of some fellow BIGFLO members.

On February 20, Star News released its interview with Euijin, who recently appeared on Mnet’s “Somebody” and has been focusing on his solo album preparations.

“I wanted to let the public know who I was as a person through ‘Somebody,'” began Euijin. “It felt like it would open up a lot of opportunities for me. Even if people couldn’t watch ‘Somebody’ when it aired, there were many who watched the reruns and recognized me.”

“Somebody” was a reality show where dancers became couples. Ten dancers, including Euijin, filmed couple dance videos and explored their romantic chemistry together. The BIGFLO member continued, “Since we had dancing in common, we approached each other with an open mind and became close quickly. The atmosphere was really good and vibrant.”

“Somebody” ended on February 8, and Euijin is now focusing on his solo album. He explained, “As a musician, I haven’t shown you many things. I’m preparing a solo album in order to show more of myself as a singer. It was scheduled for March, but I think it’ll get delayed. I want to release it quickly, but rather than coming out when I’m not fully ready, I think that it’ll be more respectful towards those who have been waiting to do it right.”

Following the end of their contracts, Ron and Hightop left BIGFLO. As a result, the five-membered group has now become a trio consisting of Eujin, Sungmin, and Lex. “BIGFLO has not officially disbanded and is currently in a resting phase,” explained Euijin. “Since we have to succeed as individuals now more than as a team, we’re cheering each other on.”

Eujin also participated in KBS 2TV’s “The Unit” and promoted as a member of its project debut group UNB. He said, “UNB is the group that allowed me to receive the most amount of love before I appeared on ‘Somebody.’ I still sometimes meet up with some members including Chan and Feeldog to practice.”

He continued, “I felt really anxious when I didn’t have work after being so busy. I don’t know if it’s because I started working when I was older, but I constantly want to be busy. A part of why I’m busily working on solo album preparations is because I don’t want to rest. I want to create another stepping stone through my solo album.”

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