Watch: SF9’s Chani And Rowoon Impress “Amazing Saturday” Cast With Their Talents And “SKY Castle” Impersonations

SF9’s Chani and Rowoon brought both charm and laughter to tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”!

On the February 23 episode of the variety show, the two idols entered the set and immediately performed SF9’s latest title track “Enough.” After they had introduced themselves, SHINee’s Key joked, “Chani, your name wasn’t Hwang Woo Joo [the name of Chani’s ‘SKY Castle‘ character]?”

Shin Dong Yup commented, “Last time, Key said that he needed to go home to watch [‘SKY Castle’] and got really annoyed when filming ran late. He said he needed to go watch the drama.”

MC Boom then revealed that Chani had said he felt proud of Korea every time he saw Kim Dong Hyun. “I have a UFC game at home, and I’ve played as Kim Dong Hyun,” said Chani. He jokingly added, “He’s not that strong there either, but I really wanted to meet him. He’s so well-built, and I feel like he could kill me with just one punch.”

Rowoon and Chani joined the cast as they tried to guess the lyrics to Untitled’s “Wings” (literal title). After listening to the song just once, the cast and guests wrote down the lyrics as they’d heard them. Shin Dong Yup looked over at Chani’s tablet and commented that he was different from the character the cast had imagined. “I’m smart,” stated Chani, expressing confidence in his answers. As soon as he read his answer out loud, however, the cast burst into laughter and praised his variety show skills.

After everyone discussed their guesses, Rowoon sat in the answer seat and rapped the part in question according to his guess. The lyrics turned out to be wrong, but Rowoon was able to catch a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

The cast and guests then tried to earn hints by showing off their unique talents. Rowoon showed off his impersonation of Chani’s on-screen mother Lee Tae Ran from JTBC’s “SKY Castle.” SHINee’s Key did his best imitation of Han Seo Jin (played by Yum Jung Ah), while Shin Dong Yup impersonated Kang Ye Bin (played by Lee Ji Won). Chani, who appeared in the drama as Hwang Woo Joo, said one of his own lines from the drama, and the cast joked about how similar he sounded to the character.

The SF9 members also played the initial consonant game, in which they had to guess different flavors of ice cream, in order to win rice cakes and omija tea. As soon as he saw the four letters on the screen, Rowoon confidently named the correct ice cream and was the first player to win the snack.

Watch Chani in “SKY Castle” with English subtitles below!

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