8 Female Rappers Who Write The Sickest Lines

Korean rap is one of the most blossoming genres in the music industry. Once an unfamiliar style that was mainly performed underground, today it has become a prominent voice that continues to claim its spot amongst the rest of the musical genres. Furthermore, a lot of idol rappers are proving themselves to be major flow masters, continuously amazing us in the process.

While male rappers have showcased their talents time and time again, female MCs are a rare gem in the game. But worry not, their print in the rap game did not go unnoticed. Here are eight times these fierce ladies delivered the sickest lines!

1. Cheetah – “Stagger”

Since when did I feel this emptiness?
Maybe since then I’ve been hiding behind the heavy comfort of materials

Cheetah is an artist who’s suffered a lot, and she doesn’t restrain from poetically voicing out her struggles through her rhymes.

2. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul – “In My Room”

Everyone seems to have no worries, everyone keeps boasting different things,
I feel like I’m the only misfit

After launching her solo career, Moonbyul continues to deliver quite an impactful diction to describe her most intimate feelings.

3. WheeSung feat. EXID’s LE – “Hold Over”

On top of a painting that others have ruined,
I hope the drawing that you drew will be my last

Lyrics source

LE has lent her lyrical touch to various features, and she expresses herself artistically in the song below.

4. Yezi – “Anck Su Namun”

I will go ahead and answer simply, you’ve got it all wrong
You’ll regret treating me that way, Imma show you, be warned

Talk about fierce and unreserved! Yezi left no room for her haters as she gave them a piece of her mind like a true badass.

5. The Black Eyed Peas feat. CL – “Dopeness”

I keep the 100, never 50/50
I keep it hip hop, never hippy, hippy
I don’t luh da coco, no sniffy, sniffy
I got soul ’cause Seoul is my city, city

This dope artist knows her worth and always claims her heritage loud and proud. We can only hope for CL’s long-awaited return!

6. Red Velvet’s Seulgi X GFRIEND’s SinB X Chungha X (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon – “Wow Thing”

You’ll start to see my name everywhere now
I guess it’s like when I saw it as a childhood dream
Adding more skills one at a time to my dream that was once at 0 points
That’s right, those young thoughts have now become a reality, and it’ll be everlasting

Lyrics source

We’ve seen and heard enough of Soyeon to know that she’s one of the rising stars in the rap industry. Thanks to her flawless delivery, every word she chooses perfectly conveys her thoughts.

7. Jessi – “Arrived”

I ain’t playing games only tryna level up
I’m here to regulate, never be regular

Jessi’s wordplay is on a whole other level every single time, and every line of hers spells feisty and real all the way!

8. Yoon Mirae – “KawiBawiBo”

Like you do in photos, put your victory sign up,
But if you come at me fearlessly my hands are the scissors

A woman of many talents, Yoon Mirae always reminds us that she is the first one in the game and that she’s here to stay.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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