Girl Group Member Captivates With Both Her Singing And Rapping On “The King Of Mask Singer”

A well-rounded group member showed off her talents on “The King of Mask Singer.”

On the February 24 broadcast of the show, contestants “Play Guy” and “Enter Lady” faced off in the first round. Together, they performed a sweet rendition of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You.”


With just a five-point lead, “Play Guy” moved onto the next round while “Enter Lady” had to take off her mask.

While singing Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” she revealed herself to be none other than LOONA’s main dancer and lead vocalist Heejin!

“I was really happy and thankful when I first appeared [on this show] as a panelist, but I couldn’t believe it at first when I learned I would be appearing as a singer,” Heejin commented. “I think I was more nervous because I felt more pressured.”

Backstage, she added, “I’ve never really shown my father myself singing professionally. He was somewhat against my dream of becoming a singer. I hope that he was able to see my performance as a singer through this ‘The King of Mask Singer’ appearance.”

After the broadcast, the idol also shared more of her thoughts with fans on Instagram in both Korean and English.

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? 안녕하세요 오빛! #희진 이에요 �de42 제가 복면가왕에 출연하게 되었습니다 캬캬캬캬 다들 완전 깜짝 놀라셨죠?!?! 아무도 예상 못했죠?!?!? 지난 번엔 패널로 출연을 했었는데 이번엔 가수로 나오게 되어서 너무 감사하고, 행복했어요! 노래만으로 승부를 해야하는 프로여서 선곡도 엄청 신경을 많이 쓰기도 했고, 콘서트 준비하면서 짬짬히 같이 계속 연습을 같이 했는데 긴장을 많이 했는지ㅜㅜ 많이 아쉬움이 남는 무대였던 것 같아요 아쉽게도 1라운드에서 떨어지긴 했지만 그래도 많은 걸 배우고 왔던 무대였어요!! 헤헤 제가 언제 또 복면을 쓰고 누군지 모르게 노래를 불러보겠습니까! 앞으로 더 많은 경험을 해보고 싶고, 오빛도 함께 점점 성장해나가는 희진이를 느끼실 수 있지 않을까 싶어요 ㅎㅎ 이번 무대를 본 오빛이 좋았으면 저도 그걸로 만족해요 �de42 그리고 저희 이달의 소녀가 이번에 Butterfly라는 곡으로 곧 컴백을 하잖아요!! 신곡 Butterfly도 많이 사랑해주시고 많이 들어주세요?? 앞으로도 더 많은 모습을 보여드릴 수 있도록 노력할게요 사랑해요 오빛 ! ♡3♡ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hello, Orbit! It's me, #HeeJin �de42 I was on 'King of Mask Singer'! Hahaha I guess no one expected it, right? Actually, I was on the show as a panel last time, do you remember? And this time I was very honored and also happy to be on the show as a singer! I put a lot of effort into choosing a song because it's the show only cares singing abilities, and also I was trying to find some time to practice the show while preparing for the concert. I think I could have done better, but you know, maybe I was quite nervous on the stage… Although I was eliminated from the first round unfortunately, I learned a lot of things from the show!! Hehe, when would I do it again with a mask, not telling people who I am, right? I want to experience a lot of things and I’m sure Orbit can find HeeJin who is trying to keep improving haha If you like my performance, I’m satisfied �de42 And as you know, we, LOOΠΔ, are making a comeback soon with a song ‘Butterfly’!! Please love it and listen to it a lot?? I promise that we will continue to improve and show you a better side of us Love you, Orbit! ♡3♡ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #이달의소녀 #LOONA

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Check out Heejin’s reveal below!

“The King of Mask Singer” airs every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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