Update: GWSN Drops Stunning MV Teaser For Upcoming Comeback

Updated March 11 KST:

GWSN has shared a gorgeous new music video teaser for their upcoming title track “Pinky Star (Run)”!

Check it out below:

Updated March 10 KST:

GWSN has revealed a new group teaser for their upcoming release “The Park in the Night: Part Two”!

Updated March 9 KST:

GWSN has released a new batch of teasers for their upcoming comeback with “The Park in the Night: Part Two”!

Check out the new teaser photos and “GWSNized concept art” illustrations of Lena, Anne, Minju, and Seokyoung below:

Updated March 8 KST:

GWSN has shared new teasers for their comeback! They shared a new teaser photo of Seoryoung, Soso, and Miya, as well as “GWSNized concept art” featuring illustrations of the three members. The group also released a photography concept film.

Updated March 7 KST:

GWSN has given a sneak peek of all the songs on their upcoming mini album!

Take a listen here:

Updated March 6 KST:

GWSN has released their first MV teaser for “Pinky Star (Run)”!

Updated March 5 KST:

GWSN has shared a track list for their comeback with “The Park in the Night Part Two”! The mini album includes the title track “Pinky Star (Run).” Check out all the details below!

Updated March 4 KST: 

GWSN has dropped a group teaser photo! The tweet that accompanied the photo was captioned, “Photographic Memories 01.”

Updated March 3 KST:

GWSN has dropped teasers of members Miya and Seoryoung!

Updated March 2 KST:

GWSN has released teaser photos for members Seokyoung and Minju!

Updated March 1 KST:

GWSN has shared teaser photos for their first comeback with “The Park in the Night Part Two”!

Their first set includes members Anne, Lena, and Soso.

Original Article:
Mark your calendars for GWSN’s return!

On February 25 at midnight KST, the group shared a teaser for their first-ever comeback next month.

Their second mini album “The Park in the Night Part Two” will be released on March 13 at 6 p.m. KST.

The seven-member girl group debuted last September with their first mini album “The Park in the Night Part One,” which features title track “Puzzle Moon.”

Stay tuned for more details about GWSN’s new release!

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