TREI Picks EXID As Their Role Model And Explains Meaning Behind Group Name

Fans got to know more about TREI during their appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “Escape 2 O’Clock Cultwo Show.”

On February 24, the new boy group appeared as guests on the radio show. TREI is the latest group to debut from Banana Culture, the same agency that houses EXID.

The TREI members, Lee Jae Jun, Kim Jun Tae, and Chae Chang Hyun, introduced themselves and talked about their training experience. Lee Jae Jun said, “I trained for about nine years. Chang Hyun trained for 10 years and Jun Tae trained for about four years.”

About their name TREI, he explained, “It means three in Romanian. [We could’ve done it in Korean] but we used Romanian to make it sound cooler. We have three members and we also adjusted [the length] of all our song titles to three characters. We created our own outlook.”

During the broadcast, the DJs praised the youngest member for his handsome appearance. DJ Kim Tae Kyun said, “The staff said that Chang Hyun looks like Jo Jung Suk. I think he appears more this way because of his white face. Seeing the side of his face, he also reminds me of Gong Myung from ‘Extreme Job.'”

When asked if they received any advice from their labelmates EXID, they answered, “LE jokes around a lot. She also hits us. They said that we should listen to a lot of music to expand our style and that getting along well amongst ourselves is the best.”

On their title track “Gravity,” Chae Chang Hyun explained, “‘Gravity’ is a sad song about two lovers who break up and how they become distant just like the time between them. I participated in writing it.” Lee Jae Jun added, “We’re a self-sufficient group. Since we didn’t receive any lessons during our trainee days, we had a lot of time. Chang Hyun wrote songs and I became interested in video and choreography. Jun Tae places his importance on vocals so we participate in everything.”

Regarding why they wanted to become idols, Lee Jae Jun said, “I liked to dance since I was young and also was in a choir.” Chae Chang Hyun revealed, “I saw Rain’s performance and thought that he was so awesome. I danced in front of my family since then and thought about this career.” Kim Jun Tae added, “My parents sang to me a lot since I was young so I also like singing to others.”

Choosing EXID as their role model, the group concluded, “Instead of succeeding right away, they’re a group that succeeded after working consistently. And they continued to be earnest even after succeeding, so we want to be like EXID.”

TREI debuted on February 19 and is currently promoting their title track “Gravity.” Check out the MV here!

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