9MUSES Reunites With Former Members And Bids Fans Farewell

9MUSES had one final goodbye for fans as their activities came to an end.

On February 24, the girl group held their final “Remember” fan meeting at Naksan Hall in Hansung University. During the fan meeting, the 9MUSES members communicated with fans and concluded their promotions together after nine years.

The group performed their emotional fan song “To. MINE” as well as a medley of their hit tracks “Lip 2 Lip,” “Remember,” “Love City,” “Living Person,” “Dolls,” “Drama,” and more.

The members also looked back at their career with fans and talked about their debut, first impressions of one another, and how they felt when they were able to finally make their debut. They chose their “Drama” showcase event, Glamping fan meeting, and their 2016 solo concert as their most memorable moments.

Fans were excited to see former 9MUSES members Minha, Sungah, Moon Hyuna, and Euaerin make a surprise appearance at the event. As they joined the remaining members, the eight singers put on an unforgettable performance of “Drama.”

Near the end of the fan meeting, the members read letters they had written for fans. Hyemi said, “It was a great honor to be with [everyone] from my days of being a young adult and immature maknae [youngest member] until today, when I took on the responsibility of being the leader at 29. Please cheer for all of our futures.” Kyungri remarked, “9MUSES’s memories are precious and will be remembered forever. All the members will be on their own, but I hope you’ll love and support all of us.”

Sojin also stated, “I’m grateful as a 9MUSES member that I received so much love from everyone. These were irreplaceable times. I was so happy to be able to spend these times of my dreams with the great members and MINE.” Finally, Keumjo also said, “The reason why I sing, my eternal inspiration, my actual muse and beloved MINE. I’m so thankful. I will remember the moments we’ve spent together and live with gratitude.”

Following the event, the members took to their social media accounts to share their feelings and thank fans.

Kyungri wrote, “I’m sorry for crying starting from the first track. It was because I couldn’t hold back my feelings of both guilt and gratitude. She also wrote, “Thank you for making the place shine until the end for us. I love you, MINE. Because we [performed as a full group], it was a happy final performance.”

Sojin also posted, “The one thing I promised myself was that I wouldn’t cry.. As the faces of MINE appeared one by one, I eventually broke down, overcome by these complicated feelings I hadn’t felt before. I’m so thankful, and I was happy. I love you. The precious and dear 9MUSES! Because we were together, I felt more reassured and happier.”

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Sungah wrote, “9MUSES [heart] MINE. #4ever.”

Keumjo said, “Because it was the first and final chance for us to perform ‘Remember’ for you all, I practiced even harder and wanted to do better… but as I saw the crying faces in front of me, I broke down.. I really wanted to deliver the things I wanted to say through the song in a cool way, but I’m filled with regret.”

Moon Hyuna posted, “I love you. The greatest treasures of my life. Let’s be together forever so that we can upload group photos frequently.” She then included the hashtags, “Even in our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. Forever.”

Minha remarked, “Will there be another day when we can meet together on stage. I’ve only imagined it, but I was so happy to meet everyone as an eight-member 9MUSES thanks to our 4MUSES. It’s been a while, so my legs were trembling, my heart was fluttering, and even my face was sizzling, but it was a happy moment. The 9MUSES members will do everything we want to do, so MINE should also always do what they want and stay happy.” She then wished that the numerous ties between 9MUSES and MINE will remain as treasured memories for a long time.

9MUSES first entered the scene in 2010 with their debut album “Let’s Have A Party.” The group rose in popularity as they released hit tracks such as “Ticket,” “News,” “Dolls,” “Wild,” “Drama,” and “Hurt Locker.” The group released their final single “Remember” on February 14 as a farewell song to fans.

Check out special clips of 9MUSES’s debut performance and final track below!

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