ITZY Talks About Eating Styles, Pranks, Their True Height Order, And More In Live Broadcast

On February 25, ITZY held their first V Live broadcast.

The members started by expressing their gratitude for their three music show wins this past week. They promised to work really hard, thanked fans for supporting them, and shared that it is still hard for them to believe.

ITZY continued the show by discussing ideas they have for future V Live broadcasts. They shared that they all want to do a mukbang (eating broadcast), while Yuna revealed that she wants to cook for a live broadcast. “I am not good at it, but I enjoy cooking.” She shared her favorite recipe of spreading strawberry jam and peanut butter on toast and then putting scrambled eggs on top.

Chaeryeong watches ASMR videos for about two hours before she goes to sleep, so she would like to try an ASMR broadcast herself. Yuna loves makeup and wants to do a makeup tutorial.

Lia wants to share her playlist with fans, while Yeji would like to dance with the members through a broadcast. Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna also want to do a V Live on their way to school.

When a fan suggested the idea of pranks, the members revealed that they love pranks and that some of the members are good at acting. Ryujin recalled that Lia cried due to a prank they pulled once, and Lia explained, “One time, [the other members] pretended to fight. I was so taken aback in the middle.”

They also revealed that they have never actually fought. Lia said, “We can’t fight or we would all cry,” and Ryujin added, “We all have peaceful [personalities].”As they are still rookies and not a lot is known about them, the ITZY members answered fan questions and revealed information about themselves. On their blood types, they shared that Yeji and Yuna are A, Ryujin and Chaeryeong are B, and Lia is AB.

They also unveiled the truth behind the order of their heights, which has been highly debated among fans. Yuna is the tallest, followed by Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and then Lia. As many fans thought that Ryujin was the shortest, Lia clarified, “I am actually the shortest.”

The members took time to explain their eating habits, as well. Yeji likes to eat small snacks throughout the entire day, while Lia eats very slowly and enjoys every bite thoroughly. Ryujin eats very quickly, and Yuna likes eating everything and a lot of it. Chaeryeong is the group’s healthiest eater and enjoys food like corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts.

At their dorm, Yeji and Ryujin are roommates, Lia and Yuna are roommates, and Chaeryeong uses her own room. This arrangement was decided using the “ghost leg” game, which is a method used to create random pairs. Chaeryeong shared about getting to use her own room, “I was so happy that I almost teared up.”

All of them like sleeping a lot, but Lia is the deepest sleeper. The other members wake up due to her alarm, and she does not notice even if someone carries her while she is sleeping.

ITZY also came up with a special hand sign that both the members and fans can use so that they can spot each other within large crowds and communicate silently. After much discussion, the members decided on making the “V” symbol and then bending the fingers up and down. Lia remarked in English towards the end of the broadcast, “To all the fans all around the world, thank you so much for being together with us at our first V Live. I really appreciate it, and we hope we get more chances to V Live with you guys. We love you!”

Watch the full broadcast below:

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