Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun On Her Favorite Moment Of Deviance, Lack Of Dating Rumors, Genre She Wants To Try, And More

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun sat down for an interview on the February 25 episode of MBC’s “Section TV”!

Seohyun was asked during the show if there’s a genre that she’d like to try. “I want to do films,” she replied, and also said she wants to try a melodrama like the famous film “A Moment to Remember.”

“‘Time‘ was originally a melodrama, but due to circumstances, the genre had to change in the middle,” she said. “It was really too bad. I want to try a true melodrama now.”

The reporter also mentioned to Seohyun that she’s never had a serious dating rumor in her almost 12 years since debut, and asked if that’s because she’s never dated.

“I really haven’t dated much,” said Seohyun. “I think it’s my personality to put work first.”

She was then asked what the best moment of “deviance” for her has been. Seohyun thought for a moment before saying, “I’ve been to a club!”

“In France, [Girls’ Generation] all went to a club together,” she explained excitedly. “It was so fun! There was a dance battle too, it was really so fun. I did a dance battle with Hyoyeon!”

Watch Seohyun in the drama “Time” below!

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