Park Ji Hoon Talks About College Life + His Plans To Promote Overseas

In a recent interview and pictorial for University Tomorrow magazine, Park Ji Hoon discussed his life as a college student and his hopes for the year ahead.

After wrapping up his promotions with “Produce 101 Season 2” project group Wanna One, Park Ji Hoon is currently preparing to begin his second year of college at Chung-Ang University.

When asked how it felt to become an older student, the theater major replied humbly, “I don’t think all that much has changed. I want to work hard together with the [incoming freshmen] to put on good productions during our practical courses.”

Park Ji Hoon also shared his hopes for his upcoming sophomore year, revealing, “I want to spend more time talking to my professors and my classmates at school as college student Park Ji Hoon, and I want to become closer [to both my professors and fellow students] through my classes.”

He went on to offer some advice for all the students newly entering college this year. “I hope that everyone works hard and is able to slowly, step by step, move towards achieving their dreams,” he remarked. “I also hope you enjoy campus life.”

Finally, Park Ji Hoon talked about his plans for 2019, revealing that he hoped to travel abroad to meet as many of his overseas fans as possible.

“I’m planning to promote actively so that I can meet many of my fans, both within Korea and abroad,” he said. “So please keep an eye on me.”

The idol went on to add, “I also want to work even harder on practicing my acting, so that I can greet my fans through a variety of productions.”

Park Ji Hoon’s agency recently confirmed that he would be making his highly-anticipated solo debut in March. The idol will also be embarking on a fan meeting tour of Asia starting on March 2.

Stay tuned for more updates on Park Ji Hoon’s solo debut!

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