YG Denies Reports Of Seungri Telling Employees To Find Prostitutes For Business Investors

Update: Yuri Holdings Denies Claims They And Seungri Pursued Prostitution Services For Foreign Investors

YG Entertainment has responded to reports of BIGBANG’s Seungri lobbying to investors and offering sexual favors as bribes.

On February 26, news outlet SBS funE reported that they found evidence of Seungri utilizing clubs in Gangnam district as a place to lobby to investors.

SBS funE reported, “We have obtained a KakaoTalk (mobile instant messenger) conversation between Seungri, singer C, Representative Yoo of Yuri Holdings (an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish), and an Employee Kim.”

According to the text messages revealed by SBS funE, on December 6, 2015, at 11:38 p.m. KST, Seungri told Employee Kim to “prepare a spot in the main area of Club Arena and call the girls” for foreign investor B and the people with her. Club Arena is a club located in Gangnam district.

Seungri established Yuri Holdings in March 2016 to operate several businesses in the food and entertainment sectors. Late-2015, Seungri had been contacting wealthy investors to get them to invest in his businesses. Seungri’s group chat with Employee Kim and others had already been active before he took office as co-representative of Yuri Holdings.

In response to Seungri’s alleged text, Employee Kim responded, “Two spots in the main area with guards…we’ll take good care of them.” Seungri wrote, “And the girls? Ones that give it well,” and Employee Kim replied, “I’m calling them but I don’t know if they’ll give it well. I’m calling cheap ones first.” Seungri said, “Anyway, do a good job.”

Forty minutes later, Representative Yoo texted, “I’m getting the prostitutes ready right now, so when two prostitutes come, you (Employee Kim) guide them and make sure they get to the hotel room safely.” Employee Kim responded, “Yes. I sent the two men [to the room].” SBS funE reported that they had not been able to confirm whether actual sexual favors had been made. Foreign investor B, who is female, returned to Korea in April 2016 to attend the first shareholders’ meeting of Yuri Holdings.

A few hours later, YG Entertainment released an official statement regarding the news. YG wrote, “Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Here is our statement regarding today’s article about Seungri. Upon checking with the artist himself, the text messages in the article are fabricated and not true. In addition, just as we have always done, we inform you that we will take strong legal action against the proliferation and reproduction of rumors and fake news.”

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