MONSTA X Talks About Their Growth, Busy Schedule, And Speed Of Picking Up Choreography

MONSTA X has shared their thoughts on their busy schedule!

On February 26, MONSTA X appeared on KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Soo Ji’s Music Plaza.”

During the radio broadcast, the members of MONSTA X were asked if they were aware that Billboard had released an article expressing their anticipation for the group. Wonho replied, “I knew because my friends shared the URL with me. My friends told me, ‘MONSTA X has grown a lot.'”

Minhyuk also shared, “Usually, my parents hear of the news before I do. They were proud, saying, ‘Our son has grown so much.'” Kihyun added shyly, “Since we’ve gone to the U.S., Billboard must have looked fondly upon us,” to which Lee Soo Ji expressed her surprise at MONSTA X’s humble attitude.

While talking about dancing, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon was chosen as the member who’s fastest at learning choreography. When asked what his secret was, he hesitated slightly before saying, “I was born with [the skills].” Minhyuk added, “He learns fast, but he forgets right away.”

On the other hand, when asked who was the slowest at learning choreography, the members replied that they were all about the same. However, Joohoney confessed, “I think I’m the slowest.” He shared, “I’m weak at memorization. I’m slow at memorizing things with my body.” Kihyun explained, “Joohoney’s a little slow at [memorizing] the small detailed movements.”

MONSTA X also shared details about their sleeping schedule. Lee Soo Ji mentioned that MONSTA X looked incredibly busy, asking how much they slept on average. Minhyuk shared, “While promoting, we don’t get to sleep much. On average, we sleep two hours, and there are a lot of times when we don’t sleep at all.” He added, “Today we slept a lot. I think we slept about four hours.” Lee Soo Ji expressed her concern for their health, but Hyungwon reassured her, “That’s why we eat well. We promote with the strength we gain from eating.”

Minhyuk also talked about his smooth way with his fans. Lee Soo Ji mentioned the time when a fan asked to compare hand sizes with Minhyuk. The fan had asked, “Is this question too clichéd?” Minhyuk replied, “But it’s the first time with me.” When asked about the situation, Minhyuk explained, “I didn’t make the situation that cheesy. I just said that [the fan] had never compared hands with me.” Lee Soo Ji complimented Minhyuk, saying, “When he realized that the fan’s hand was small, Minhyuk grabbed both the fan’s hands with one hand. You’re really good at fan service.”

MONSTA X recently returned with their second album “Take.2: We Are Here” on February 18.

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