10 Korean Movies To Watch If You’re Looking For Some Eye Candy

Let’s face it, sometimes after a long and stressful day, all we really want is to kick back and put on a flick where there’s a lot of pretty people in it.

The story doesn’t have to be spectacular, but it definitely helps if it is. In the world of Korean movies, there are a lot of movies with eye-candy, but I’ve taken the pleasure of narrowing this list down. Not only do these movies have good-looking people in it, but the story is also pretty decent! Here’s a look at 10 of our picks.

Warning: minor spoilers for the films below.

The Beauty Inside

“The Beauty Inside” stars Han Hyo Joo as Yi Soo, a girl who works in a furniture store. She meets and falls in love with Woo Jin, a very unique man who changes bodies and appearances every time he falls asleep. This would obviously make for a complicated relationship, but it doesn’t stop the two from falling in love.

There’s legit someone for everyone in this movie. The list of cameos made by pretty people is endless and Han Hy Joo is one lucky duck. There’s Seo Kang Joon, Park Seo Joon, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Hyun Woo, Do Ji Han, Lee Dong Wook, and Yoo Yeon Seok – to name a few. You’ll be impressed by the visual of this cast, but you’ll also totally fall in love with the story. It’s got so much depth and you’ll totally find your heart aching for the two main leads.

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Architecture 101

“Architecture 101” is a classic first love movie. There are some famous scenes and lines in the movie that are used in parodies today, for example, the scene where Jo Jung Suk explains how to kiss is epic. On top of the unforgettable scenes and sweet love tale, we have a cast that’s to die for. There’s the hilarious Jo Jung Suk, the “villain” Yoo Yeon Seok, and of course, Lee Je Hoon as the love-struck Seung Min. On top of these handsome fellas, we also have the beautiful Suzy as Seo Yeon and Han Ga In as her older counterpart. Talk about a stunning cast!

The King

With Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, and Ryu Jun Yeol as the main cast members, you’re in for a lot of visually satisfying faces in “The King.” This movie is a “Wolf Of Wall Street” type of flick that takes us behind the scenes of a group of prosecutors who basically run the city. The corruption, betrayal, and action make this film an all-around satisfying watch.

This all-star cast is not only easy on the eyes, but the story will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s pretty humorous despite the heavy them and you’ll find yourself getting sucked into the corrupt world of prosecutors. The acting chops from the cast are also pretty amazing! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by Ryu Jun Yeol’s drastic acting persona.

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Choi Seung Hyun, otherwise known as BIGBANG’s T.O.P, stars in this movie alongside Kim Yoo Jung. Myung Hoon (T.O.P) is a North Korean spy who gets sent to South Korea on a mission. His younger sister, Hye In (Kim Yoo Jung) is taken as collateral until Myung Hoon carries out his mission.

“Commitment” is an action-packed movie with a sweet love story. Besides the sexiness that is T.O.P, you’ll appreciate seeing his character doting on his innocent younger sister. You also won’t be disappointed in seeing the handsome Choi Seung Hyun engaging in some epic fight scenes as well as seeing his smirks.

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The Man From Nowhere

Like “Commitment,” “The Man From Nowhere” is a film that’s jam-packed with action and fight scenes. It’s about a former FBI agent named Cha Tae Sik (Won Bin) who lost his pregnant wife in a tragic accident. With nowhere to go and nothing to live for, he lives his life in seclusion until he meets a little girl named So Mi, played by Kim Sae Ron. So Mi is a bright girl who brings Tae Sik out of his shell. One day, she gets kidnapped and Tae Sik puts it on himself to rescue her.

If you want to see some epic scenes with a hot Won Bin gracing the screen, then this flick is not to be missed. He learned various types of martial arts and did all the stunts himself, which is pretty impressive! Also, basically you don’t wanna miss this:

and this:

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Glory Day

“Glory Day” is a dramatic thriller film starring Ji Soo, Ryu Jun Yeol, Suho, and Kim Hee Chan. The four actors play four best friends who embark on the last epic trip before they all enlist in the military. However, they find themselves in a situation that they never thought they could ever be a part of.

The story is suspenseful and is considered to be a kind of a dark coming-of-age flick. It not only has a great cast but if you’re into dramatic thrillers, it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat until the last second! But if you’re like me, this cast is enough of a reason to watch.



“Master” is the hit 2016 action film starring Kang Dong Won, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Woo Bin. With this all-star cast, “Master” made it to No. 32 of the highest-grossing films of all time! And we really wouldn’t expect anything less, especially with this very visually appealing cast.

I mean, really.

Lee Byung Hun plays a con-artist president by the name of Jin, Kang Dong Won plays a detective named Kim Jae Myung, and Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jang Goon, a sidekick of Jin. There’s a reason why it was such a big hit in the box office! The script is so smart and it will keep you wondering what will happen until the end.

My Annoying Brother

“My Annoying Brother” stars Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s D.O. in this comedy about two brothers who have been through a lot. Go Doo Sik (Jo Jung Suk) has had a troubled past and has even gone to jail, leaving his little brother to fend for himself after their parents’ death. In a tragic Tae Kwon Do accident, Go Doo Young (D.O.) becomes blind and must live on his own. But Doo Sik shows up to their house one day after being released from jail and attempts to make amends with his blind brother.

This story not only has two very handsome male leads but the story is a total tearjerker. You’ll be laughing and crying at the same time. Not to mention the two actors actually do kind of look like they could pass as siblings!


“Twenty” is a coming-of-age movie that probably anyone can really relate to. It stars Kim Woo Bin, Junho, and Kang Ha Neul as three best friends who are just trying to get by in life. All three of the characters have very different personalities but are at similar points in their life where they are just trying to figure out what to do next in their life.

Besides the obviously good-looking cast, this is a movie that will not only make you laugh but will make you think about purpose and life’s goals. The engagement between the three friends is very heartwarming, and you’ll find yourself in each of the characters throughout. Even if you somehow find yourself not liking the story, you won’t regret watching it because – look:

Can’t. Go. Wrong.

Midnight Runners

“Midnight Runners” stars Park Seo Joon as Ki Joon and Kang Ha Neul as Hee Yeol. The two characters are training to become police officers and are not exactly the most qualified for the job. However, when they find themselves witnessing a crime, they take it upon themselves to solve the case.

Let’s face it, we all love Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. So when we found out that these two very handsome fellas were going to star in a movie together, we all lined up in anticipation for the release. The wait was totally worth it because not only was it amazing to see these two beautiful faces on the same screen together, but the story is hilarious and seeing their interactions brought on all these bromance feels!

The cutest!

Hey Soompiers, which of these movies is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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