Update: MAMAMOO Shares New Teaser Before “White Wind” Comeback

Updated March 13 KST:

MAMAMOO shared a new teaser!

The teaser clip includes the text “Four season four color” transforming into the words “Our season our color.”

Updated March 12 KST:

MAMAMOO has revealed their full group MV teaser for “gogobebe”!

Updated March 11 KST at 12 p.m. KST:

MAMAMOO has released a special highlight medley for their new album “White Wind”!

This special clip features the members introducing their new tracks and briefly singing parts of each song live. Each song’s audio also plays afterwards, giving fans a nice preview of the album.

Updated March 11 KST:

MAMAMOO has unveiled the track list for their upcoming mini album “White Wind”!

The album will contain a total of seven songs, including the title track “gogobebe,” which will feature lyrics penned by Solar and Moonbyul.

Check out the full track list for “White Wind” below!

Updated March 10 KST:

MAMAMOO has dropped a new group teaser for their upcoming comeback!

Updated March 8 KST:

Hwasa’s music video teaser has been revealed for MAMAMOO’s comeback with “gogobebe”!

Updated March 8 KST:

MAMAMOO’s Wheein stars in their latest teaser for “gogobebe”!

Updated March 7 KST:

Solar’s teaser has now been released for MAMAMOO’s “gogobebe” music video!

Updated March 7 KST:

MAMAMOO has revealed Moonbyul’s film teaser for their “gogobebe” music video!

Updated March 6 KST:

Concept teasers of Hwasa have now been unveiled for MAMAMOO’s comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated March 6 KST:

MAMAMOO has shared concept teasers featuring Wheein!

Updated March 5 KST:

MAMAMOO has released new concept teasers for Solar!

Updated March 5:

MAMAMOO has shared concept teasers for Moonbyul as they prepare for their comeback!

Updated March 4 KST: 

MAMAMOO has released a fun new concept image for their upcoming comeback!

Their new album, “White Wind,” is the final installment of their “4 Seasons” project and will be released on March 14.

Updated March 1 KST:

MAMAMOO shared a schedule for their return!

The schedule includes the announcement that their new release is titled “WHITE WIND.”

Original Article:

MAMAMOO has shared news about their comeback!

The group will be returning on March 14 with “9966.” The teaser was also shared with a thought bubble emoji, which may be a hint at their upcoming concept.

This will be the group’s first comeback in four months since they released their eighth mini album “BLUE;S” in November 2018, featuring the title track “Wind Flower.”

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