The 22 Most Repetitive K-Pop Songs That Are Guaranteed To Get Stuck In Your Head Forever

K-pop has its fair share of repetitive songs, but there are some that are a cut above the rest. You know, the ones that you can’t even listen to without that line — that one, mercilessly, infinitely repeated line — getting stuck in your head for the next day or week… or month. So in no particular order, here is our list of the top 22 of those unbelievably catchy and repetitive songs. Be warned: at least one of these will be playing in your head on repeat when you’re done with this article!

1. “Ring Ding Dong” — SHINee

We’ll start this list off with a classic because it doesn’t get much more addicting than this OG SHINee bop. From the “diggi ding diggi ding”s to the “fantastic/elastic,” we’re not quite sure what these lyrics mean, but one listen to “Ring Ding Dong” and they are sure to be on replay in your brain.

2. “DDD” — EXID

From “Up & Down” to “Ah Yeah,” EXID is one of those groups with catchy songs galore, but none take it to the extreme in quite the way that “DDD” does, with the notes of its addicting “dul dul dul dul” sequence playing on loop in the background throughout most of the song.

3. “Bad” — INFINITE

We’re throwing it back to 2015 with INFINITE’s fierce “Bad,” which features no fewer than 24 repeats of “bad bad bad bet a bad bad girl” — a line that the song’s dramatic urgency will drive into your head, where it’s bound to stick for a while.

4. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” — T-ara

Ten years ago, T-ara gave us what is easily one of the catchiest K-pop songs of all time in “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” With electronic rhythms and a simple, cute dance that complement the repetition of the phrase “bo peep” itself, this song is an instant earworm.

5. “Knock Knock” — TWICE

This cute TWICE song will be knock knock knocking around your brain for a while, so listen at your own risk!

6. “Change Up” — SEVENTEEN’s Unit Leaders

The only things the SEVENTEEN leaders’ team are not changing up in this song are the line “change up” and the funky background melody — but we can’t get enough of this groovy track!

7. “Rookie” — Red Velvet

A cross-section of my brain after one listen to Red Velvet’s “Rookie” would probably look something like the whimsical, colorful, entirely nonsensical world of this MV. But that’s probably the point. Rookie, rookie! My super rookie, rookie, rookie.

8. “Excuse Me” — AOA

AOA’s sexy “Excuse Me” features exactly 55 repeats of its title phrase, each one as sultry and coy as the last.

9. “Cherry Bomb” — NCT 127

NCT 127 keeps “Cherry Bomb” fresh and interesting via some dope raps and engaging beat changes, but from “I’m the biggest hit, I’m the biggest hit on this stage” to “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” to “ppalli ppalli pihae right, cherry bomb, feel it, yum,” the repetitive chanted lines have an almost spellbindingly addicting quality that you’ll find creeping into your mind when you least expect them.

10. “We Like” — PRISTIN

An infectiously upbeat “I like/You like/We like” followed by a bunch of catchy “du”s is a recipe for a chorus that is going to be replaying in our heads for a while to come. But we like it!

11. “Bar Bar Bar” — Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop gave new meaning to the quirky concept in “Bar Bar Bar,” and the song’s repetitiveness matches perfectly with the girls’ unique outfits and choreo. Jumping, everybody!

12. “Just Right” — GOT7

The addictingly catchy chorus and the funky backtrack make “Just Right” the definition of an earworm. And we adore the sweet message of self-love that goes along with it!

13. “Very Very Very” — I.O.I

As if its numerous “neomu neomu neomu“s weren’t enough, I.O.I went ahead and included very, very, very many “jakku jakku jakku“s as well. But for some reason we never quite get bored of this bop!

14. “What’s Your Name?” — 4Minute

Lalalala lalalalala… this 4Minute classic has numerous lines that will worm their way into your head. It’s also the number one reason we’ll never forget how to ask “what’s your name?” in Korean, and for that we are forever thankful!

15. “View” — SHINee

SHINee’s second song on this list, “View” has a chorus that is undeniably repetitive. But the way it works with the song’s funky synth makes this track insanely infectious, and an instant energy-booster!

16. “Supa Dupa Diva” — Dalshabet

Will it be the “supa dupa diva,” or the chorus of “oh”s that gets stuck in your head? There’s only one way to find out…

17. “Sorry Sorry” — Super Junior

Another K-pop classic, Super Junior’s famous “Sorry Sorry” is full of repeated lines and melodies that have been stuck in our heads since 2009. But we will never tire of this OG hit!

18. “Likey” — TWICE

You should probably keep scrolling and not even read about “Likey,” because just thinking about this TWICE mega-hit is bound to be enough to get an infinite loop of “me likey, me likey likey likey” stuck in your head!

19. “Pick Me” — Produce 101

There’s no escaping the cheery “pick me, pick me, pick me up” once you start listening to this track from “Produce 101” Season 1. But if you’re ok with that, go ahead and press play!

20. “Lightsaber” — EXO

EXO has their fair share of catchy songs under their belt, but none (no, not even “Growl”!) can quite compare to “Lightsaber.” The single does, in fact, have a verse or two, but it’s the echoing chorus of “light”s that make up most of the song — and that will be bouncing around your head for hours after one listen.

21. “Lovey Dovey” — T-ara

To be fair, many of T-ara’s songs could make this list, but their second mention goes to “Lovey Dovey,” which is guaranteed to have the line “lovey dovey dovey” chasing itself around your brain, much like the zombies in this MV:

22. “Dumb Dumb” — Red Velvet

You were all waiting for this one, right? If you’ve ever wondered how many “dumb”s Red Velvet packed into this unbelievably catchy hit, the answer is 219. And though the song consists mostly of one word, “Dumb Dumb” somehow never gets old!

Hey Soompiers, do you agree with this list? Which of these songs will be stuck in your head for the next week? Let us know in the comments! 

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