BTS’s New Brother Group: 5 Reasons Why We’re Shook By TXT’s Debut

After putting us through weeks and weeks of torturous waiting, TXT has finally debuted! In case you didn’t know, TXT is a five-member group made up of the darling Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu. These boys have already garnered much attention worldwide, as they’ve become the newest rookies to watch in the K-pop scene.

But, you may be wondering, “What exactly is so special about TXT? Why have they gained all this popularity?” If you still haven’t been converted into the fandom, then this article will do the job for you. Without further ado, here are five reasons why TXT’s debut is an absolute smash hit.

1. This is BigHit’s first boy group since BTS

Many of us already know the story of how BTS singlehandedly brought success to their small company, and BigHit has surely stepped up their game as a result. After nearly six years have passed since BTS’s debut, TXT has come on the scene, and they’re not here to play around! Needless to say, TXT is doing a fantastic job, despite having enormous shoes to fill.

2. The interesting diversity of TXT’s songs

When it comes to pop music, the true difficulty lies within differentiating one’s self from contemporary acts while simultaneously appealing to a wide audience. In other words, you have to be similar enough to existing musicians in order to be accepted, but unique enough to develop your own brand.

Despite their rookie status, TXT has already accomplished this difficult feat! From their highlight medley alone, you can hear that each song has its own beautiful and distinct color.

3. We love five visual kids

Anyone who’s seen their teasers knows that TXT is an incredibly photogenic group. Without a doubt, the members’ visuals are no joke, and I bet they’re aware of it, too. When their first-ever teaser video of Yeonjun dropped, the boy’s name was trending worldwide on Twitter within minutes! Watch out, Jin; there’s a new Worldwide Handsome Guy in town.

4. Their refreshing take on the cute concept

Let’s be real: we all need a little break from those intense beat drops and back-breaking choreographies, right? Sometimes, K-pop just needs a nice, wholesome title track sung by some nice, wholesome children, and TXT has finally done just that in 2019. “Crown” can bring a smile to the face of anyone who listens, guaranteed!

5. We can hardly wait to see more of their fun personalities

As of now, the abilities, personalities, and lifestyles of the TXT members are mostly unknown to the public, but hopefully, that will change soon! The little nuggets that we’ve gotten so far on Twitter can only hold us over for so long, after all. No matter how things turn out, the TXT boys will surely receive lots of love, just as they deserve!

How are you liking TXT’s debut track?! Go ahead and unleash the entirety of your enthusiasm in the comments below!

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