Update: All 6 ASTRO Members Launch Individual Instagram Accounts

Updated March 19 KST:

All members of ASTRO are now on Instagram!

On March 19, Moonbin became the final member to start an account.

For his first post, he shared a selfie and wrote, “Wanna be your star! Instar! Star! t!!”

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워너 비 유얼 스타! 인 스타! 스타! 트!!

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Updated March 6 KST:

Five members of ASTRO now have personal Instagram accounts!

Following Cha Eun Woo, Rocky, Sanha, and JinJin, MJ has now launched his Instagram account.

For his first post, he shared a selfie and wrote, “Instagram start~~ Let’s go!!”

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인스타 시작~~ 가즈아!!

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Moonbin is now the only ASTRO member who has not opened an Instagram account yet.

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Original Article:

Four members of ASTRO have launched their own individual Instagram accounts!

Although ASTRO already has an official group account on Instagram, Cha Eun Woo, Rocky, Sanha, and JinJin have now created their own individual accounts as well. ASTRO announced the news on their official Twitter account and wrote, “AROHA, please give [their new] individual Instagram accounts a lot of love and support!”

For his first Instagram post, Cha Eun Woo posted two photos of himself and playfully referenced ASTRO’s recent third anniversary, which the group celebrated on March 2 with their third annual “ASTRO AROHA Festival” fan meeting. Tagging the post “AAF,” Cha Eun Woo wrote, “Congratulations on turning 3 years old.”

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3살 추카푸카??? #아스트로 #차은우 #AAF

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Rocky kicked off his new Instagram account by sharing a selfie and writing, “Starting Instagram in a chic way!!”

Sanha also shared a selfie for his first Instagram post and wrote in a cute tone, “Please love Sanha a lottt. Let’s meet more often.”

JinJin similarly posted a selfie of his own and wrote, “I had so much fun at the AAF today, and it was a very happy day. Congratulations on turning 3 years old.” He added in the hashtags, “Starting Instagram.”

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