Ki Hong Lee Gives Veteran Actresses Advice On Making It In Hollywood

Ki Hong Lee recently made a guest appearance on the March 3 episode of tvN’s “Morning in Hollywood” (literal translation) and joined its cast of veteran actresses Park Joon Geum, Kim Bo Yeon, and Park Jung Soo to grab a meal and talk about Hollywood.

“Morning in Hollywood” is a show that follows the three Korean actresses’ journeys of trying to enter the world of Hollywood.

During the show, Ki Hong Lee met the ladies for dinner. As soon as he sat down at the table, he was bombarded by questions from the eager actresses.

When asked how he was cast in “Maze Runner,” Ki Hong Lee revealed, “I tried to go for a different project, but I failed. That casting director asked me to try out [‘Maze Runner’] with him. I don’t know if it’s because the casting director complimented me so much, but I think I was cast because of his support.”

In regards to audition tips, Ki Hong Lee answered, “I feel sorry about giving advice to my seniors, since you all have a lot of experience and skills. Because your acting skills are so great, I think it’ll be great if you just studied English.”

The actor then revealed that he had originally gone to university as a psychology major with the dreams of becoming a teacher, but realized later on in class that he wanted to become an actor. The actresses then asked Ki Hong Lee, who made his debut in 2010, why he used his Korean name while promoting, since most Asian actors also use English names. He responded, “Ki Hong Lee is my name, and I’m a Korean, so that’s why [I did that],” causing the senior actresses to cheer in approval.

Park Jung Soo later asked Ki Hong Lee how he would’ve felt if he had become a teacher like he had originally planned. He commented, “I think I always think about that. Isn’t the acting life difficult? I can lose my job at any moment, so I think I come to wonder if I made the right choice in following this path.”

In response, Park Jung Soo stated, “There’s something I always tell my juniors: ‘In the time you have to look to the side, just look forward.'”

Ki Hong Lee finally thanked the actresses and said, “I asked about my many concerns about being an actor. I’m so thankful that you all gave me great advice, and I’ll always keep them in mind.”

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