Kang Daniel Issues His Own Response Following Reports Of Conflict With Agency

Following reports of Kang Daniel requesting his agency LM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract and the agency clarifying these reports, Kang Daniel has issued his own official statement through his fan cafe.

Daniel’s statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

First, thank you to the fans who have believed in and waited for me for a month or so. I’m sorry once again to bring this news through unpleasant news articles.

Like the article that was unexpectedly released today, I am currently in dispute with LM Entertainment.

Because I couldn’t show you all how I was doing on social media and I thought that you’d be worried, I requested my agency to transfer the social media accounts under my name [to me], so I can deliver even the smallest of updates.

Although I repeatedly made these requests and waited for the agency to voluntarily transfer the accounts in order to show you all a better side of me, the company refused the requests for the transfer of the social media accounts, and an article about my dispute [with the agency] was released today.

After learning about the article and taking some time to think, I was also very embarrassed when a lot of unfounded, malicious articles full of rumors were posted. However, because I was so worried about everyone who was about to become hurt by false stories, I’ve summoned up the courage to open a new personal Instagram account at noon tomorrow.

Up until making a decision like this, I’ve had a lot of thoughts, and this is a decision made for purely myself and my fans.

I miss everyone and I want to stand on stage again, too.

I was able to get through this tiring moment due to your words and the memories we’ve had all this time. I’ll do my best so I can stand in front of everyone with a good image.

Please believe in me and wait a little bit longer. The truth will be revealed.

Thank you,

Kang Daniel.

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