INFINITE’s Dongwoo Talks About Turning 30, Wearing A See-Through Shirt, Nearing Army Enlistment, And More

INFINITE’s Dongwoo was as bright as ever at his solo debut showcase, where he shared his thoughts on turning 30, his new album, and upcoming military enlistment.

On March 4, Dongwoo held a showcase for his first solo album “Bye.” He began saying, “I turned 30 this year [in Korean reckoning], and things feel different every time I turn a year older. Take for example this mic; it’s something really simple, but I think, ‘What would I have done without it?’ When I write lyrics, I think of all sorts of things too. I met with many composers while preparing for this album, and I deeply felt the value of [having ties with] people. I used to be the energizer of INFINITE so I didn’t think I would feel the difference [between being 29 and 30], but this seems to be the natural way of things.”

Dongwoo then delved into his new album. He stated, “It took a long time to make. I was in charge of producing the album, and it was very hard. Gathering songs and deciding on the concept was difficult. In the end, I was able to release this album because our CEO helped me.”

Explaining the difference between the music from his solo album and INFINITE’s music, he said, “I had solo tracks in INFINITE albums, but they were mostly pure hip hop songs. This time, I attempted different things within the hip hop genre. This was the kind of music I had wanted to show everyone. I went deep into a style of hip hop that’s different from INFINITE’s music style.”

Dongwoo then talked about the meaning behind the title of his album “Bye.” On the surface, it signifies a farewell to fans, since he will be enlisting within the year. It also stands for “Beside You Every moment,” reflecting Dongwoo’s intention to stay by his fans through his voice and music.

Although Dongwoo is the rapper of his team, he challenged himself to sing in this new album. He revealed, “When our CEO first made INFINITE, what he had in mind was [a group like] TVXQ, so he wanted to make all of the members capable of singing. That’s why I was in charge of adding the harmonies to Sunggyu and Nam Woohyun’s vocals.” He admitted, “Singing on my own this time was really hard, [but] I want to show you both my vocals and my performances.”

In the music video for “News,” Dongwoo wore a see-through shirt that he described as something that “will probably not be deemed suitable for broadcast.” Asked how he keeps himself fit, he shared, “I exercise often because I enjoy doing it. I like CrossFit the most. The body part I want to emphasize is my hips. The lower body has to [be strong] in order to dance or build your body.”

It was revealed last month that Dongwoo applied to serve as a conscripted policeman, and Dongwoo newly shared that the results of the examination will be out on March 8. He said, “If I get accepted, I have to go to the army immediately. I received my first enlistment notice last September, but Sungyeol told me to stay a little longer,” and also revealed that Sunggyu told him he would do well in the army if he improved his intuition and perception. “I’m very bad at telling what people are thinking,” Dongwoo commented.

Check out Dongwoo’s new music videos for “News” and “Party Girl” here!

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