11 Romantic K-Dramas To Watch When A Fictional Boyfriend Is Just What You Need

Let’s admit it. Part of the reason why K-dramas are so addicting and fun to watch is the presence of the dashing leads that make our hearts throb with every sweet gesture or beaming smile. Of course, the overall story, script, and message of the drama are extremely important in getting us hooked, but if you’re looking for light dramas with crush-able leads to watch and pass the time, then take a look at this list. We promise, no judgment!

Warning: minor spoilers for the dramas below. 

The rocker: Jang Geun Suk

Whether it’s an emotional, troubled, artistic, or free-spirited musician, Jang Geun Suk seems to have a knack for playing the “bad boy by day and a rockstar by night” type of roles. He definitely captured viewers’ hearts in “Marry Me, Mary!” as the brooding indie musician, Kang Moo Kyul. Moo Kyul may have a carefree personality on the outside, but when it comes to love and family, his character runs deep.

And of course, who could forget Jang Geun Suk’s role as the snobby leader of an idol boy band A.N.JELL in “You’re Beautiful”? His character may seem unapproachable at first glance, but he’s clumsy and innocent when it comes to love and will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves.


Catch Jang Geun Suk in “Marry Me, Mary!”:

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The campus jock: Nam Joo Hyuk

If you had a phase in your school years when you had a crush on the school’s superstar athlete, then “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” just might be your cup of tea. With his tall height, perfect smile, and boy-next-door looks, Nam Joo Hyuk fits the role of Jung Joon Hyung perfectly. He’s complete boyfriend material: Sweet, funny, easygoing, and can get along well with anybody. He may seem like the happy-go-lucky type, but when it comes to love and pursuing his dreams, he shows that he can be serious and dedicated.


Catch Nam Joo Hyuk in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”:

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The King: Kim Soo Hyun

Alien, professor, country bumpkin, thief, TV producer — Kim Soo Hyun has played almost every type of role in K-dramas or films. But he always brings his characters to life with his undeniable charisma and superb acting no matter what. He’s especially dashing in “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” where he plays a ruler during the Joseon Dynasty named Lee Hwon. Lee Hwon loses his true love, only to find her once again years later with no recollection of their memories together. Despite all those years, he stays loyal to Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) and overcomes all the challenges, power struggles, and missed opportunities to be with the one he loves until the end. It’s very romantic, and also Kim Soo Hyun looks perfectly regal in a king’s elegant wardrobe!


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The younger guy: Park Bo Gum

Sensitive, charming, kind, handsome, and a bookworm – Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum) of “Encounter” is as perfect as any boyfriend can be. Park Bo Gum embodies the boyfriend that every girl would dream of having as he shows his quiet, lovable side in the drama alongside Song Hye Kyo, who is years older than he is. But don’t let his younger age fool you. Jin Hyuk proves that he can be strong and mature when it comes to making sure that the love of his life is happy and safe. He defies the odds of dating a woman who has a lot of stake in her life: career, wealth, reputation, and family.

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The amazing cook: Yang Se Jong

There are a lot of ways to get capture a woman’s heart, and good food is definitely one of them. Yang Se Jong played a French cuisine chef in the drama, “Degree of Love,” a slow-burn romantic story that shows a real side of relationships, from the “getting to know” stage, choosing between love and career, to finally finding the right timing for everything. Jeong Seon is determined to become the best man for his girlfriend and also support her to achieve her dreams.


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The best friend: Lee Jong Suk

Trust that Cha Eun Ho, played by Lee Jong Suk, will always there when his best friend Kang Dani (Lee Na Young) is in trouble. He may be younger but he never fails to defend her and lend a shoulder for her to cry on. “Romance Is a Bonus Book” offers the nuances of love as it develops from friendship, heartbreak, and attraction. Eun Ho shows his cool, nonchalant, smart side as a writer/editor at a publishing company and a university professor. He has loved only one person in his life and even though she may not always notice him, he is always quietly helping her and making her happy without asking for anything in return.


The troubled soul: Woo Do Hwan

Is he a bad boy or a good person? Woo Do Hwan kept us guessing in the drama “Tempted,” where he played Kwon Shi Hyun, an alluring, mysterious young man who plays a dangerous game of love. He appears to be jaded by life and has built walls around him. He distances himself from everyone until he meets Eun Tae Hee, a pure-hearted woman who makes him feel truly loved for the first time.


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The serious intellectual: Lee Dong Wook

Even though he’s stern and serious, it’s hard not to fall for Lee Dong Wook’s character as a no-nonsense, rough-talking lawyer in “Touch Your Heart.” Kwon Jung Rok may be book smart when it comes to law and justice, but he is completely clueless about love, that is until he meets the lively and cheerful actress Oh Yoon Seo (played by Yoo In Na) who is his total opposite. He can be quite funny and adorable as he tries to navigate dating with someone who’s famous yet hopelessly in love with him.


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The boss: Park Seo Joon

Office relationships can be quite tricky, but it’s even more complicated if it involves having feelings for your boss or vice versa! In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” this dynamic is explored in a humorous, sweet way. It starts off with the boss’ rude awakening that, “you never really know what you got until you lose it.” Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) has been depending on his secretary Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young), for years, until she decides to quit and start a new life. Soon he realizes that what he really needs is for her to be by his side, not as a secretary but as his partner forever.


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All of the above: Jung Il Woo, Lee Jung Shin, Ahn Jae Hyun, Choi Min

A playboy, rebel, sweet guy, and strong man — “Cinderella and the Four Knights” has it all. Park So Dam plays a smart college student that has trouble making ends meet until she finds herself in a unique situation where she has to live with a group of billionaire cousins who eventually compete for her love! She has to choose between the aloof yet kind-hearted guy (played by Jung Il Woo), the mischievous one (played by Ahn Jae Hyun), and the friendly and outgoing one (played by Lee Jung Shin). Making things even complicated is the household’s handsome bodyguard, played by Choi Min!


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