5 Staff Members Injured During Filming Of “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2”

At 11:50 a.m. KST on March 6, an accident occurred on the set of the KBS drama “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2.” The drama was filming in the Unnam neighborhood in the Jung district in Incheon at the time.

The accident occurred during the filming of a scene in which Go Hyun Jung and Moon Soo Bin’s characters get into a car accident with a truck. The Hyundai Equus that had been hit by the truck went off-course into the camera crew and five staff members were injured. Filming was stopped temporarily but has since resumed.

The injured staff members were taken to the hospital via an ambulance that had been present on set in case of accidents. It is reported that the injuries are not serious.

A source from KBS said, “We were filming a car crash scene, and we had secured the car with wires in order to film. But the movement of the car was stronger than we expected and that’s why the accident occurred. We always keep an ambulance and such things on hand on set, so there were no fatal injuries. The people who witnessed the accident were also shocked by what happened, so they are also at the hospital receiving treatment. We apologize to everyone who was involved and will do our best to provide treatment and make sure this never happens again.”

However, it has also been reported that the production staff of “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2” had not received the necessary permission from the Jung district in Incheon to film on the road. It is required for production crews to get permission from the necessary district in order to occupy a road for filming purposes.

A source from the Jung district office in Incheon said, “If someone occupies and films on the road without getting permission beforehand, they can be subject to fines and administrative action. We will decide what actions are appropriate once we check the site of the accident.”

A source from KBS said, “The production staff requested permission from the police and the district office on Monday (March 4), but were informed it would take up to a week to process their request. As it was a road with very little traffic, we spoke to one of the district office workers orally and they warned us that if they received a civil complaint, we would be subject to a penalty of negligence. Having received the warning, we went ahead with filming.”

Another source from KBS also added that the production staff had gone to multiple locations requesting permission to film on the road, but were told it would take a long time to process their request at every location.

The head of the department of broadcasting staff at the union said, “When we film even on a quiet road or park, we have to get permission, but in reality there are a lot of cases where people film in secret. We are going to check whether there were proper safety measures in place before filming the scene and whether the injured staff members are receiving adequate support.”

The chief producer of the drama, Bae Kyung Soo, said, “It’s true that the correct method is to get permission before filming, but due to the nature of the work of drama production, it takes a long time to get permission. The production schedule is tight and there are parts that were inevitably done the way we’re used to doing it. We did our best to ensure safety on set but this accident occurred. I’ve heard thankfully that there were no fatal victims. We will discuss whether there is anything that the broadcasting company needs to take responsibility for.”

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